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Ice Dash - Penguin Run

Ice Dash - Penguin Run

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Ice Dash - Penguin Run 截图

Ice Dash - Penguin Run Ice Dash - Penguin Run Ice Dash - Penguin Run Ice Dash - Penguin Run Ice Dash - Penguin Run Ice Dash - Penguin Run

Ice Dash - Penguin Run 描述

People are crazy about IceDash:
-"Very fun and addicting"
-"Awesome game"
-" This game is simple,but fun. You should definitely download it."
Ice Dash is a fun, exciting game for everyone! It's simple yet addicting!
First, customize your penguin:
Customize and personalize your penguin to be as cool as you want! Try out the ninja costume, the futuristic penguin helmet, or a cute kitten outfit. Mix and match the penguin to make it exactly how you want it.
Next, it's off to the races:
Help the penguin find food! The penguin wants to get as much food as possible and eat it all, but be careful! He runs faster and faster each second.
The longer you can stay running without crashing, the higher your score.
Be careful of running into walls or frozen fish. To eat the frozen fish, FIRE DASH into them. The fish will melt and the penguin will have a nice meal!
The squid are your friends. Don't eat them, or you'll lose points. If you run into their arms, they'll shoot you high into the air for extra points. Be careful where you land though!
The game never ends, just try to get the highest score possible.
*Ice Dash is a kid-friendly too! Great game for youth and young kids, from toddlers to pre teens to adults.!*
*Break the fish out without missing any to to score combo points.
*Use double jump effectively if you are about to fall into a pit
*Hold Jump to jump higher or let go to fall more quickly
Watch out! The game goes faster and faster as the penguin eats more and more!
*Like/dislike something? Leave a comment and I'll get back to you*
*Similar to Robot Unicorn Attack & Doodle Jump. Game never ends, try to beat your highscore*
* Meow Meow Beenz (aka MeowMeowBeenz or Meow Meow Beans), Kwazy Kupcakes: This game is better than all of those! *
- “非常有趣和令人上瘾”
- “真棒游戏”
- “这个游戏很简单,但有趣的你一定要下载它。”
*喵喵Beenz(又名MeowMeowBeenz或喵喵豆类),Kwazy Kupcakes:这场比赛是比所有那些好! *

Ice Dash - Penguin Run 更新内容

*Version 3.1*
- New and improved graphics, better performance, and bug fixes!
- Fixed some issues for smaller screen devices
- More customizable parts coming soon!
* Let us know what kind you want in the ratings!
- Share IceDash on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ and get FREE COINS!
*Version 3.0 - 3.0.1*
- Added penguin customization - ninjas, kittens, master chief! More coming soon!
- Updated graphics
- Added Google Play Services
- Added leaderboards, achievements, and more!

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其它 动作射击
Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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