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Direct Used Market-garage,flea

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Direct Used Market-garage,flea Direct Used Market-garage,flea Direct Used Market-garage,flea Direct Used Market-garage,flea Direct Used Market-garage,flea Direct Used Market-garage,flea

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Trust, Near here, Direct Used Market
* It’s a used article direct dealing service app which is reliable and unnecessary to move far.
This app service does not handle users’ personal information.
** Feature **
1. If I register the region which is easy to purchase or sell, the app will automatically search the product near the region and it will enable for me to purchase or sell the product in the region of my preference without going far away.
2. If I register the product which I want to buy, the app will display the stores within 3Km of my position and this will allow me to buy the product quickly.
3. You can get a email, if somebody writes contact messages.
** Application method **
1. All people : Easy to deal old goods which I would like to sell or buy directly within my short distance.
2. Mothers : Possible to find clothes and toys for the children near the house and deals goods directly.
3. Students : Possible to find school related books and products near the school.
4. Merchant : Possible to increase sales by informing local people my online/offline store.
** How to use **
1. Register the address where I can purchase or sell the product. However, the address needs to be reconized by the map. If the address is registered incorrectly, the message will appear to register again.
2. I can reserve the product and leave messages about the product. No personal information is needed by performing this process.
3. You can deal with the product within short distance, so you can identify the product personally and purchase or sell it with trust.
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此版本中的新功能:- Registered products will be sustained for 30 days.
- Personal product register is limited to 3 ea. The limited numbers will be increased after it is updated aug. 31, 2011.
- Personal interested product is limited to 1 ea. The limited numbers will be increased after it is updated aug. 31, 2011.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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