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Instruments Sound for Kids

Instruments Sound for Kids

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Instruments Sound for Kids Instruments Sound for Kids Instruments Sound for Kids Instruments Sound for Kids Instruments Sound for Kids Instruments Sound for Kids

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Let your children play and discover the Instruments! Play with your children with this real orchestra in your phone. Let your children discover the sound of instruments and learn through images, sounds and words. This application allows children to discover instruments through very beautiful pictures and great sounds.Watch them wake up, laugh, wonder to listen to the sounds of his favorite instruments. An excellent application for young children. Functions of the application: - Press one button to play the corresponding sound - Play a random sound by turning the phone as a Moo Box! - Hold down a button to set the sound as ringtone or SMS notification - Add the Widget to play a random sound from your phone Home Included in this application: A function of turning the phone to play a random sound (works like a "moo box"). Animations to follow the playing sound.A contextual menu for sound.Background music to launch the application. A Widget to launch the application or play a random sound from the home screen.Sharing optionsNear ~75 different sounds. An organization of sounds by section. Categories: Woodwind, Keyboard, Strings, Brass, Percussion, Vocal, Miscellaneous. Sounds: Flute , Transverse Flute , Pan Flute , Organ , Ocarina , Harmonica , Accordion , Clarinet , Saxophone , Oboe , Bassoon , Piano , Synthesizer , Harpsichord , Clavichord , Dulcimer , Cimbalom , Psaltery , Violin , Alto , Cello , Contrabass , Hurdy-Gurdy , Guitar , Bass , Banjo , Mandolin , Lute , Ukulele , Balalaika , Sarangi , Harp , Trumpet , Trombone , Bugle , Tuba , Cornet , Horn , Didgeridoo , Alphorn , Battery , Djembe , Bongo , Bass Drum , Snare , Drum , Tambourine , Cup , Cuica , Triangle , Maracas , Xylophone , Glockenspiel , Cymbals , Gong , Marimba , Steel Drum , Sopranos , Mezzo-Sopranos , Violas , Tenors , Baritones , Low , Biniou , Pipe , Serinette , Music Boxes , Barrel Organs , Limonaire , Claviorganum , Vuvuzela , Snake , Zither , Jews Harp.

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Android 2.3.7 以上

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