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myAnimals free myAnimals free myAnimals free myAnimals free myAnimals free myAnimals free myAnimals free

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Entertain and educate your toddler with this simple app full of 24 different animals and their sounds.
MyAnimals free comes with a soundboard, a "Click&Learn" section as well as a quiz section.
The soundboard will display buttons with different animal pictures. If you click on these buttons a real sound of the animal will be played.
With the Click&Learn section you can look at all of the 24 animals by once. Here, if you click on the animal picture a real sound of the animal will be played, if you click on the speaker button, the name of the animal will be pronounced in one of the five languages (english, german, italian, spanish, french), you can switch between the languages instantly by clicking on the flag symbol. So, if you want to know what squirrel means in german, just click the flag and select the german flag:
now the name of the animal will be displayed in the selected language (by the way: its Eichhörnchen :-). The pronounced word is also now in the selected language. You simply navigate between the animals by clicking the arrow buttons. If you turn your phone to landscape mode, a bigger picture of the animal will be shown.
Last but not least myAnimals has a great feature to let your kids test their skills when it comes up to animals: the quiz section.
Here you can choose between different types of quizzes:
-guess the name
-guess the picture
-guess the sound
-randomly choose between one of the above types.
MyAnimals comes with a baby lock function which will disable the home and back button of your phone so that you kid will not accidently dial 911 or something.
This app is a great way to introduce your toddler to animals! Also helps develop your toddler’s motor skills while keeping them entertained.
Animals included: Cat, Dog, Chicken, Rooster, Donkey, Horse, Cow, Duck, Goose, Goat, Pig, Sheep, Spider, Bear, Woodpecker, Badger, Squirrel, Fox, Rabbit, Deer, Owl, Raccoon, Wild boar, Wolf.
Animals only in pro version in addition to the ones above:
Chimpanzee, Gorilla, Tiger, Crocodile, Parrot, Snake, Puma, Hummingbird, Skunk, Bat, Bee, Frog, Camel, Hyena, Cheetah, Rhino, Buffalo, Vulture, Hawk, Lion, Elephant, Zebra, Giraffe, Hippo, Polar bear, Penguin, Seal, Whale,Walrus,Shark, Dolphin,Turtle, Ray, Fish, Jellyfish, Sea horse
Note: If you are having problems with this app not producing any sound, please check whether your device's mute button is engaged or not.

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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