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Boy Toy, Gal Pal Boy Toy, Gal Pal Boy Toy, Gal Pal Boy Toy, Gal Pal Boy Toy, Gal Pal

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Meet avatars, go on dates, buy stuff, and more in this virtual community!
Welcome to the FREE version of the Boy Toy/Gal Pal app!! Meet avatars, take them on fun virtual dates and trips, buy them gifts, send them flowers and earn heart points for being a great date. You can use your heart points, to treat yourself to cool stuff to keep in your room or put on your avatar.
The free version has the following limitations:
- You may not view more than 9 club members at a time.
- You may not send custom messages or replies.
To remove these limitations, please upgrade to the PRO version at this link:
Clock into your job every hour to earn credits to buy fun and exciting things! The more you clock in, the more credits you earn for better dates and more fun.
Keep in touch with your friends, meet new people and experience a new and different way of dating. With Boy Toy/Gal Pal, you can be anyone you want to be. Download now to create your ideal self and start dating immediately.
We will be updating regularly with new stuff for your avatar and your dating options, so keep checking back everyday!
Reminder: This is not a real dating site, it is only a game.
We're constantly striving to improve this app! Please send feedback to:

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此版本中的新功能:Various bug fixes.

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Android 1.1 以上

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