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Solitaire Logic Game

Solitaire Logic Game

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Solitaire Logic Game Solitaire Logic Game Solitaire Logic Game Solitaire Logic Game Solitaire Logic Game Solitaire Logic Game

Solitaire Logic Game 描述

If you like Solitaire on Windows, then you'll love this app for android.
This is a classic solitaire with excellent graphics. The game is optimized for both phones and for tablets.
- Distribute 1 card
- Distribute 3 cards
- Section of Statistics
- Help
- And also, you can save the game, you did not finish, and finish it later!
The application is absolutely free!
Solitaire develops your memory, attentiveness and logical thinking/
A little history:
Solitaire - card puzzle game, played in a few centuries, but the exact date and place of occurrence is unknown. Debate on this occasion did not cease until now, and there are several versions of its origin.
On one of them came up with the game the French aristocrats, imprisoned in the Bastille, on the other - the invention of the French mathematician Pelisson, for entertainment of the French king Louis XIV. In the first documented rules described in the time of Napoleon. The emperor himself, during his exile, carried away very unfolding of solitaire.
The very name of the game, presumably derived from the French word «patience», which translated means "patience". This is a very accurate description of the main components of success in folding solitaire.
Solitaire addicted to many famous historical figures such as musician Niccolo Paganini, the French queen Marie Antoinette and Madame Recamier.
Solitaires loved, still love and will love for what they allow to escape, unwind and relax from the worries and stresses. And in our time become popular clones of the game: Spider, Pyramid, rug, scarf and others.

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办公商务 办公软件
Android 2.3.2 以上

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