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DroidDream Malware Cleaner

DroidDream Malware Cleaner

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DroidDream Malware Cleaner DroidDream Malware Cleaner DroidDream Malware Cleaner DroidDream Malware Cleaner

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About DroidDream Malware Cleaner
Lookout DroidDream Malware Cleaner diagnoses and repairs phones infected with DroidDream Malware.
✰ “Like all Lookout apps - honest, simple and effective!”
✰ “My phone isn't infected! I also have Lookout, so I'm not surprised my phone is in the all clear.”
✰ “Love Lookout! They are THE mobile security people.”
Don't forget to also download Lookout Security & Antivirus from Play Store: http://ap.lookout.com/SH3s , for complete Android protection including free antivirus, backup, find lost phone and more.
Google pulled more than 50 apps from the Android Market after they were found to contain the Android malware DroidDream. If you think your phone is infected with DroidDream, download this cleaner app.
To determine whether your phone is infected, download and run DroidDream Cleaner. If you are infected, DroidDream Cleaner will delete the malicious files and repair any damage to your system.
For more information on this malware, checkout our blog https://blog.lookout.com/droiddream/
❐ About Lookout Labs
DroidDream Malware Cleaner is a project of the Labs division of Lookout Mobile Security. The goal of Lookout Labs is to explore new ideas and push the boundaries of mobile apps.
Labs projects are experimental by nature, and may only be available for a limited time.
❐ About Lookout Inc.
Lookout builds security technology that protects people, businesses, governments, and critical infrastructure from the growing threats in the post-PC era.
Visit our website https://www.lookout.com/ to learn more about us.
❐ About Lookout Security & Antivirus
Lookout DroidDream Malware Cleaner is not a replacement for Lookout Security & Antivirus, and will not detect or repair other malware strains. Lookout DroidDream Malware Cleaner is only available in English.
Downloading Lookout Security & Antivirus (http://ap.lookout.com/SH3s) is the best way to keep your phone & tablet safe from malware and spyware,back up your data, and locate, scream, lock, or wipe a lost or stolen mobile device.
Lookout Security & Antivirus is available in German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified), Korean, Russian and Polish.
© 2012 Lookout, Inc. All rights reserved. Patents pending.

✰“像所有的山的应用程序 - 诚实,简单,有效的”
不要忘了还从游戏商店下载Lookout安全和防病毒:http://ap.lookout.com/SH3s 中,完整的Andr​​oid的保护,包括免费杀毒,备份,找到丢失的手机等等。
谷歌拉到从Android Market超过50的应用程序后,他们被发现含有了Android恶意软件DroidDream。如果你认为你的手机感染了DroidDream,下载此清洁程序。
下载 Lookout安全及防病毒(http://ap.lookout.com/SH3s)是让您的手机与平板电脑免受恶意软件和间谍软件的安全,备份您的数据,并定位,尖叫的最佳方式,锁定或擦除丢失或被盗的移动设备。

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For complete Android protection including free antivirus,backup, and find lost phone, please download Lookout Security & Antivirus from Play Store (http://ap.lookout.com/SH3s)

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