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Be the first in line for every bargain with LootTap.

LootTap will search for the products you want at the price you're willing to spend. Let the best deals on the Internet come to you!

LootTap is a service that will search popular sites and retailers for you, looking for exactly what you tell it to and at the price you're willing to pay. Whether you're looking for a specific classic car, a new gadget, a vintage wine, a new job, or anything else. Simply give LootTap the search you want to run, chose the site, location and/or price you want to pay and let LootTap do the rest by searching, day and night, until it's found. Even when you're on the run, it's as easy as scanning the UPC code of any item you find and LootTap will constantly hunt for the best bargain anywhere on the Internet.

LootTap has forged partnerships with some of the largest most trusted brands on the Internet to find you the best deals available. Partnerships with Amazon.com, Buy.com, Best Buy, woot!, Newegg.com, eBay, Google, Monster and others let you find what you want for at the lowest, most competitive price.

By using the Android application, you gain advanced features over what you would find at the LootTap site (loottap.com). It's your personal shopper you carry with you every where you go.


- Scan UPC codes to start a new bargain search (a "Tap").
- Get notified when LootTap finds new bargains for you.
- Save old bargains for any length of time.
- All your updates and alterations are made in real-time, accessible at loottap.com!
- Create as many Taps as you would like.
- Alter, disable and re-enable all of your taps.
- Edit your profile and notification settings.
- Easily review your taps most recently found bargains.
- Easy and secure login and registration.


"I set one tap to start with and allowed it to remain active for a week. It was for a spinning wheel with an upper cap of $125, which is something I know to be difficult to find; I was impressed by the results which came back for my tap. What I did not forsee when I set it up was that the taps which came back and were tangentially related to my search have been more interesting and fun to browse than the directly relevant results. I found a bunch of reprints from rare spinning books I would not have seen online otherwise. Great site!"

"I have been doing this type of service for years with friends and family manually without any scripts or computer code and love it. There is something about the hunt that is makes it so much fun! They have all said I should start a business doing essentially what you are, but could never figure out a way to automate things or monetize the idea, so great job! I will start using your site and will refer to others."

"Your passion and focus on the Customer shines brightly. I wish you the very best."

LootTap 更新内容


Better internal data handling.

Better situational handling of downed services.

Upgrade of a few, internal elements.

Triage of a few reported crashes.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
LootTap, LLC



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