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Sales Call Manager (Trial)

Sales Call Manager (Trial)

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Sales Call Manager (Trial) Sales Call Manager (Trial) Sales Call Manager (Trial) Sales Call Manager (Trial)

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Tired of keeping track of your potential clients in a spreadsheet or on a sheet of paper? Sales Call Manager allows you to manage your potential sales contacts, track your call results and then view stats on your progress.
Don't worry about losing client numbers, missing scheduled calls or misplacing client notes ever again. Plus, with the various reports available, you can experiment to see what works and what doesn't so you can improve your sale methods over time. Whether it's cold calling, warm calling or just the occasional client call, Sales Call Manager can help keep you organized and informed.
The initial free download allows you to store up to 10 contacts to test with. If you're satisfied, you can unlock an unlimited number of contacts by purchasing the unlocker app that is provided in the Google Play store.
Updates for this application are planned based on user feedback, so please contact the developer with any features or comments you may have at Josh@Lyote.com.
Below is an explanation of why each permission is required.
Directly Call Phone Numbers - Sales Call Manager allows you to directly call anyone in your sales list from within the app.
Full Internet Access - This is required by Google Analytics.
Read Contact Data - Sales Call Manager allows you to add people directly from your phone's contact list to your sales call list.
Read Phone State and Identity - If you call a sales contact from Sales Call Manager, this permission allows the app to launch to the proper page once the call ends.
Modify/Delete USB Storage Contents Modify/Delete SD Card Contents - Sales Call Manager allows you to backup your sales call database in case you change phones. This permission allows the backup file to be saved.
View Network State - Again, this is required by Google Analytics.
直接拨打电话号码 - 销售呼叫管理器,允许您直接打电话给任何人在您的销售列表中,从应用程序内。
完全的互联网访问权限 - 这是需要通过Google Analytics(分析)。
读取联系人数据 - ,销售呼叫管理器,允许您添加人直接从您的手机的联系人列表中您的销售通话清单。
读取手机状态和身份 - 如果你调用一个销售联系人,电话销售经理,这个权限允许应用程序启动到正确的页面,一旦通话结束。
修改/删除USB存储设备的内容修改/删除SD卡中的内容 - 销售呼叫管理器允许您备份您的销售调用数据库的情况下,你换手机。此权限允许保存的备份文件。
查看网络状态 - 再次,这是需要通过Google Analytics(分析)。

Sales Call Manager (Trial) 更新内容

1.5.1 Release
- Added "Contact Name" and "Company Name" to available filters for your call queue
1.5 Release
- Pages now all have a standard Android title bar
- The Call Queue list now allows filtering
- Importing contacts from your address book now saves selections when switching between apps
- Code optimizations
- Small design improvements on various pages

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Android 2.1.0 以上

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