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Network Counter Network Counter Network Counter Network Counter Network Counter Network Counter

Network Counter 描述

Network Counter. The easiest way to monitoring of wireless network traffic. Keep a track on your monthly network data usage. Now with Android 4.x support and widgets!
Features include:
- Android 2.2, 2.3 and 4.x support
- Data traffic usage statistics for Wi-Fi and mobile networks
- Alarm for Wi-Fi and mobile data traffic usage
- Network statistics for currently active (running) applications
- Ability to backup and restore of data traffic usage database
Additional Premium Content (in-app purchase):
- Disabled advertisements (Ads)
- Widgets (incl. lock screen) for monitoring of data usage
And much more is planned for future releases!
Data stats gathering is done via our background service which has been designed for a low power consumption and supports device reboots (not including hard resets or direct battery pulls) and network disconnects.
Note, A2SD (SD card support) functionality is not possible due to necessary background service. However, if it's your preference, there is no limitation to use A2SD+ (ext partition).
- Mobile / Cell or Wi-Fi HW module in your phone / tablet
- Android's TrafficStats API supported via your phone's ROM
In case of any feature suggestion or a bug report, please, contact us on our e-mail.
Network Counter requires Android 2.2 and higher, but Android 4.x is highly recommended. All the screenshots are taken from Android 4.2 device.
网络计数器。最简单的方法监测的无线网络流量。保持跟踪您每月的网络数据使用。现在与Android 4.x的支持和部件!
- Android 2.2系统,2.3和4.x支持
- 数据流量使用统计数据的Wi-Fi和移动网络
- 报警的Wi-Fi和移动数据流量使用情况
- 网络统计当前处于活动状态的应用程序(运行)
- 有能力的数据流量使用情况数据库备份和恢复
- 残疾人士使用的广告(广告)
- 小工具(包括锁屏)监测数据的使用
请注意,A2SD(SD卡支持)功能是不可能的,因为必要的后台服务。但是,如果这是你的偏好,有没有限制使用A2SD +(ext分区)。
- 在您的手机/平板电脑手机/手机或Wi-Fi硬件模块
- Android的TrafficStats API的支持,通过您的手机的ROM
网络计数器需要Android 2.2及更高版本,但Android的4.x版,强烈推荐。从Android 4.2设备的所有屏幕截图。

Network Counter 更新内容

Version 1.4.2 & 1.4.1:
- Alarm tab is now refreshing automatically
- Bug fixes
Version 1.4.0:
- Added support for Android 4.0, 4.1 and 4.2
- Added in-app purchase for additional functionality incl. widgets
- Application screen now displays the most traffic-heavy apps on the first positions
- Fixed startup code upon device restart
- Fixed stats for large data transfers
- Various other fixes and improvements

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系统工具 WiFi 文件管理
Android 2.2.x 以上

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