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GMap Demo by AppLaud

GMap Demo by AppLaud

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GMap Demo by AppLaud 截图

GMap Demo by AppLaud GMap Demo by AppLaud GMap Demo by AppLaud GMap Demo by AppLaud GMap Demo by AppLaud GMap Demo by AppLaud

GMap Demo by AppLaud 描述

A must-have for jQuery, Google Maps and Android developers and enthusiasts!

jQuery Mobile and UI developers will love the Google Map examples in this demo app:

* markers * info windows * streetview * clusters * events * fusion tables * microformats * geocoding * panoramio * directions * and more! *

Featuring the jQuery Google Maps Plugin and built with MDS AppLaud, this open source app is great for mobile and web app developers and map enthusiasts.

Phone or Tablet : install from here!
Desktop : Download the source
AppLaud : Import source into a project

Important: GMap Demo uses Google Maps JavaScript API v3 and requires wifi or data-enabled carrier connection. Enable GPS for best response.

The jQuery Google Maps Plugin provides a simplified JavaScript API to google maps. The plugin is less than 4K in size and provides hassle-free use of maps in jQuery Mobile and UI applications.

Mobile Developer Solutions’ AppLaud (Open Source Eclipse Plugin for PhoneGap / Android) enables web developers to start developing for the mobile web quickly. AppLaud includes the latest versions of PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile, and Sencha Touch libraries are easily included. This JavaScript, Java or hybrid development environment lets you quickly develop and deploy your mobile web apps.

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Improved error handling for low-bandwidth scenarios.

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Android 2.1.0 以上
Mobile Developer Solutions

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