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音效合成器 音效合成器 音效合成器 音效合成器 音效合成器 音效合成器

音效合成器 描述

Turn your phone or tablet into a musical instrument! RD4 - Groovebox is a music making app with virtual analog synthesizers, drum machines and effects.
Compose and arrange your music in real-time. Choose instruments individually for the 4 channels. Record live or set notes with the dedicated sequencer or piano roll of each instrument.
"This is no desktop app crammed onto a touchscreen. It seems the interface has been designed around your fingertips." Peter Kirn from CDM (createdigitalmusic.com)
This multi-touch enabled app makes it simple to invent unique loops and musical phrases. Manipulate the sound of the synthesizers by tweaking the oscillators, resonant filters and audio envelopes. Add audio effects like reverb, distortion, phaser, filter and delay to your sounds.
Appropriate both for experienced musicians and beginners.
Loops you've created and exported with RD4 can also be automatically integrated into mikrosonic's audio mixer app SPC - Music Sketchpad.
Feature Overview
- 4 channel rack mixer
- Instrument selection for each channel
- Volume control with level meter per channel
- Direct audio effect channel assignment
- Tempo control with tap tempo
- Channel mute and solo
- 2 banks with up two 8 bars per instrument
- Adjustable play modes from 1 to 8 bars and random modes
- Song Mode with a length of up to 99 bars
Choose between two virtual analog synthesizers and the drum machine for each channel:
- Modeled after legendary monophonic synths of the '70s
- For fat sounding bass and powerful lead sounds
- 3 oscillators with 6 different waveforms
- Each oscillator can be tuned precisely and has a warmth control for the typical analog sound
- Attack, Decay, Sustain and Release envelope generator
- Pitch wheel
- Low-pass filter (24dB/oct, 4-pole) with knobs for cutoff, resonance and an ADSR envelope generator
- Recording of played notes in real-time (depending on devices capabilities)
- Piano roll for editing recorded notes comfortably
- Or compose by drawing notes directly with the piano roll in 1/16 or 1/32 resolution
- Piano roll editing features: Transpose Pattern, Shift Sequence and Quantize Pattern
- Reminiscent of the legendary 303 synthesizer
- Create bubbling basslines and screaming lead sounds
- Successor of the famous synthesizer Rubberduck from d-lusion
- High-quality low-pass filter with resonance, cut-off, and envelope controls
- Oscillator with 4 types of waveforms
- Real-time step sequencer with accent and slide
- Program beats with 10 classic drum kits: 808, 909, 606, CR-78, Linn, KR55, RX11, RZ1, DMX, DPM48
- Booming kick drums, snappy snares and throbbing percussions
- 8 channels per drum kit
- Punch control for volume and envelope adjustments
- Accent programmable for each drum channel
- Free assignable effects for each drum sound
- Channel mute, Closed Hi Hat can mute the Open Hi Hat
- Real-time pattern based step sequencer
Audio effects:
- 5 effects: Reverb, distortion, filter, phaser and delay
- Real-time controllable
- X/Y control field for each effect
- 4 effect sends
- Chaining of 2 effects
Technical features:
- Customized layouts for phones, 7 and 10-inch tablets
- Special additional rack view in portrait mode for 10-inch tablets
- USB MIDI support, connects external MIDI keyboards and controllers
- External MIDI clock sync support
- Automatic MIDI input focus when switching Instruments
- Multi-touch control
- SoundCloud Sharing Kit integration
- OpenSL support for low latency*
Full version features:
- Ad-free
- Song save capability
- 9 additional drum kits
- Audio loop export
- Song recording and sharing
* Please note that for recording in real-time with the Analog synthesizer you will need a low latency Android device with Android 4.2 like the Google Nexus 4 or 10 or the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Read more about audio latency on our FAQ: http://www.mikrosonic.com/faq
More details at: http://www.mikrosonic.com/rd4
打开您的手机或平板电脑进入一种乐器! RD4 - GROOVEBOX是一个音乐制作应用程序的虚拟模拟合成器,鼓机和效果。
回路,你创建,RD4出口也可以自动集成到mikrosonic的音频混频器应用程序:SPC - 音乐画板。
- 4通道机架调音台
- 每个通道仪表选型
- 音量控制,液位计,每通道
- 直接音效信道分配
- 抽头城市的节奏控制
- 通道静音和独奏
- 银行提供了两个8条每台仪器
- 从1到8的酒吧和随机播放模式播放模式可调
- 宋模式长度可达99条
- 仿照70年代后,传说中的单音合成器
- 对于脂肪冠冕堂皇的低音和强大的铅声音
- 3与6个不同的波形振荡器
- 每个振荡器可以被精确地调谐,具有温暖控制的典型的模拟声音
- 攻击,衰减,维持和释放包络发生器
- 间距轮
- 低通滤波器(24dB/oct,4极)与旋钮截止,共振和ADSR包络发生器
- 录制演奏的音符在实时(取决于设备能力)
- 钢琴卷编辑录制票据舒适
- 或撰写图纸说明,在1/16或1/32的分辨率直接与钢琴卷帘
- 钢琴卷编辑功能的移调模式中,按住Shift序列和量化模式
- 让人联想到传说中的303合成器
- 创建冒泡贝斯和尖叫铅声音
- D-lusion著名的合成Rubberduck的继任者
- 高品质低通滤波器的共振,切断和信封控制
- 4种类型的波形振荡器
- 实时步进音序器的口音和幻灯片
10个经典的鼓包 - 程序节拍:808,909,606,CR-78,属,KR55,RX11,RZ1,DMX,DPM48
- 蓬勃发展的大鼓,活泼的圈套和悸动打击乐
- 8通道,每鼓包
- 打孔控制音量和信封调整
- 每个鼓通道可编程口音
- 免费分配为每个鼓的声音效果
- 通道静音,关闭的Hi帽子可以静音开喜帽子
- 实时模式的步进音序器
- 5效果:混响,失真,滤波器,相位和延迟
- 实时可控
- X / Y控制每个效果领域
- 4输出效果
- 链接2效应
- 定制手机的布局,7和10英寸平板电脑
- 特别额外的机架视图在肖像模式下为10英寸平板电脑
- 支持USB MIDI,连接外部的MIDI键盘和控制器
- 外部MIDI时钟同步支持
- 自动MIDI输入焦点切换时,仪器
- 多点触摸控制
- SoundCloud的共享套件集成
- OpenSL支持低延迟*
- 无广告
- 宋保存功能
- 9个额外的鼓包
- 音频环出口
- 宋录制与分享
*请注意,实时记录与模拟合成器,你将需要一个低延迟像谷歌Nexus 4或10或三星Galaxy Nexus的Andr​​oid 4.2的Andr​​oid设备。阅读更多关于音频延迟对我们的常见问题:http://www.mikrosonic.com/faq

音效合成器 更新内容

- Support for displays with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels (xxxhdpi) for devices such as the LG G3 or Samsung Note 4
- GUI enhancements for Android 5/Lollipop

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Android 4.0.3 以上
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