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Modern Night Vision - Lite下载

Modern Night Vision - Lite

Modern Night Vision - Lite

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Modern Night Vision - Lite 截图

Modern Night Vision - Lite Modern Night Vision - Lite

Modern Night Vision - Lite 描述

***Modern Night Vision - Lite*** Ad version

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Experience night vision on your Android device like never before!!!

Due to the great success on the iPhone AppStore we have now developed this for Android!!!

Create dramatic night vision style images on your Android phone/tablet with Modern Night Vision. The Android Markets number one night vision app now features…

•Swipe screen across to change professionally designed view modes
•Swipe screen upwards to change colour of night vision filter – green, blue, red, clear
•LED flash light button for when additional light is needed (for supported devices)
•Live GPS data displayed on screen
•Live compass reading displayed
•Changeable sound effects e.g. eerie wind, crickets at night, battle zone.
•Upload images to Facebook or save in gallery

Please note some features only available if your device has the functionality

Log in directly from the app !
Press "UPLOAD" , this will create a Modern Night Vision Album
Log into Facebook from your desktop computer, go to photo albums
Press approve images
Finished :-)

Share you Night Vision images on you wall for all to see !

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Modern Night Vision - Lite 使用技巧

Modern Night Vision - Lite 信息

Android 2.0.0 以上

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