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Machel Montano - M World Machel Montano - M World Machel Montano - M World Machel Montano - M World Machel Montano - M World

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Over the past 26 years, the single constant in Machel's ever-changing, stellar career has been his trailblazing approach to T&T's indigenous soca music. Through his various fusions, which include everything from performing with marching bands to collaborating with Grammy-winning reggae artists, Machel has worked tirelessly to establish soca, calypso's energetic offshoot, as a viable entity that can impact beyond T&T's internationally renowned carnival celebrations.
Born in Port of Spain, the capital of the oil rich island of Trinidad, on November 24, 1974, Machel has already made great strides in moving soca towards the mainstream. The former child star made history in March 2007 as the first soca artist to sell out two back-to-back shows at New York City's Madison Square Garden and he returned to the Garden on March 28, 2008 for another sold out affair. The MSG shows, which earned rave reviews for their innovative use of carnival's elaborate masquerade tradition and seamless incorporation of T&T's various musical strains, including calypso, Indian chutney, and the country's national instrument the steel pan, also solidified Machel's reputation as a consummate showman who can dazzle any crowd, anywhere, not just in a carnival setting. "Performing at Madison Square Garden is a goal that I always had," says the soca superstar. "But we didn't just come and sing; we brought the culture of T&T to one of the most prestigious venues in the world."
He hopes to conquer the musical mainstream as skillfully as he has commanded the carnival/soca circuit since the 1990s. To facilitate this mission, Machel will base himself outside of T&T for several months and focus on recording songs that will solidify soca's presence in the crossover market.
生于在西班牙的口岸,的首都的石油资源丰富的岛上的特立尼达,1974年11月24日,·马谢尔已经已经取得了很大的的进步在移动的索卡朝着的主流。前者的孩子明星创造了历史在2007年3月作为的第一个的索卡的艺术家,以商机卖物纽约市的的麦迪逊广场花园的出两个后端到-背的节目在,,,并,他返回到花园的2008年3月28日为另一个已售出的出的的的外遇中。该味精显示,其中所赚取好评如潮的评论为他们的狂欢节的精心制作的假面舞会的传统和的Ţ&Ţ的的各种音乐剧的菌株,其中包括加力骚曲,印度酸辣酱,和该国的国家仪器钢铁泛的的无缝注册成立的的创新的使用,也凝固的·马谢尔的声誉作为一个炉火纯青的飞奔吧谁可以炫的任何的人群中,到任何地方,不只是在一个狂欢节设置的地方。 “表演在麦迪逊花园广场(Madison Square Garden)是一个目标,,我总是有过的,说:”的SOCA的超级巨星。 “但我们并不只是前来和唱;我们带来了T&T的文化的到其中一个最负盛名的的场地,在世界上。”

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