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Mobi Tracker LocateMe

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Mobi Tracker LocateMe Mobi Tracker LocateMe Mobi Tracker LocateMe Mobi Tracker LocateMe

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MobiTracker LocateMe is a GPS Tracker application which allows you to locate your phone as well as your family, friends, co-workers/employees phones at any time you wish.
This application can work as a stand alone app where you can use any phone to send a command to start tracking or it can be used together with the MobiTracker app so you can save your tracking requests for later access.
To work as a stand alone app you just need to send an SMS with the word "locateme" and the app will send you back an
SMS with the gps location of the phone.
If you want it to send an email, you can check MobiTracker LocateMe Pro wich sends an SMS or Email, depending whether internet is available or not.
To start using MobiTracker LocateMe you just have to download it to the phone you wish to track and the app will be ready to use as soon as the download is finished and the app is installed. You don't need to start the app as the app will have no visible icon.
If you request a tracking location and don't get an answer within 10 minutes just send another request. Remember that sometimes it takes a while for the phone gps to get a location fix.
* App will work in "stealth" mode
* Will reply with SMS with the phone's gps location
* App can work with the MobiTracker app to save all your tracking requests for later access
* Languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish
If you have any questions or suggestions, please send an email to mobitrackerapp@gmail.com

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Version 1.0.2
Updated waiting time for GPS to get a fix

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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