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MSI Afterburner APP

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MSI Afterburner APP MSI Afterburner APP MSI Afterburner APP MSI Afterburner APP MSI Afterburner APP

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MSI just released its Afterburner App for Android, the world’s first Android overclocking utility for graphics cards!! The biggest benefit of the MSI Afterburner app is that it allows you to tap into the power of MSI Afterburner and make adjustments even while playing a full screen game or chasing a benchmark record. Come join us, experience the power and convenience of the MSI Afterburner APP.
************** Launch Promotion ****************
The pioneering Android overclocking utility “Afterburner APP” was co-developed by MSI and well-known software programmer "Nick Connors". The new Afterburner utility allows the Android-based smartphones and tablets to adjust or monitor Afterburner settings on PC over a Wi-Fi connection. In addition to monitoring the temperature, voltage and fan speed, the utility can also be used for overclocking and overvoltaging!
Quick installation guide:
Before you want to test MSI Afterburner APP on Android Phone/tablet, you will need:
1. A windows xp sp3 (with .NET 2)/vista/7 system with a discrete graphics card and is able to connect to internet/intranet.
2. An android cellphone or tablet has wifi function. (the O/S should be higher v2.1)
3. The system and cellphone or tablet can connect to each other over internet or intranet.
“RemoteServer” is a utility which should be placed in the system. Just make sure all files are under in the same folder.
“MSIAfterburner.apk” is an app which should be installed in Android cellphone or tablet.
Make sure the system has installed the afterburner 2.1.0 or above version, and it has to be started so RemoteServer can read the H/W status through it.
How to work - Step by step:
1. Put the folder for RemoteServer on desktop for easy access
2. Run Afterburner (2.1.0 or above version)
3. Run "MSIAfterburnerRemoteServer.exe" to open up the RemoteServer
4. Verify that the remoteServer is running in background
5. Run Afterburner APP on Android cellphone or tablet
6. Enter the system IP (you can find ip over RemoteServer) into the IP settings of Afterburner APP to make a connection of Afterburner APP and Remote Server.
7. If the monitoring and OC funtions work properly, now it's time to enjoy it!
BTW, each clock/voltage/fan adjustment over afterburner app, you will have to press "apply"!
RemoteServer can be download from here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/images/MSIAfterburnerAPP_Android_10.rar
MSIAfterburner.apk can be download from here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/images/MSIAfterburner.apk
Official Website of MSI Afterburner: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/
Official discussion forum of MSI Afterburner: http://forums.guru3d.com/forumdisplay.php?f=55
开创性的Andr​​oid超频工具软件Afterburner APP“是共同开发的MSI和知名软件程序员”尼克·康纳斯“。新的加力实用程序允许基于Android的智能手机和平板电脑调整或监控加力设置在PC上的Wi-Fi连接。除了监控温度,电压及风扇转速,该实用程序也可以被用来为超频和超电压!
你想测试微星加力APP Android手机/平板之前,你将需要:
1。在Windows XP SP3(。NET 2)/ VISTA / 7系统,独立显卡,并能够连接到Internet / Intranet的。
2。一个android手机或平板电脑具有wifi功能。 (O / S的应该是更高的2.1版)
确保系统安装加力2.1.0或以上的版本,并且它有启动的RemoteServer,以便可以读取通过它的H / W的状态。
如何工作的 - 一步一步来:
6。输入系统IP(你可以找到IP OVER的RemoteServer)加力APP的IP设置成加力APP和远程服务器建立连接。
7。如果监测和OC funtions工作正常,现在它的时间去享受它!

MSI Afterburner APP 更新内容

Android App
- Added auto fan setting
- Added support for Power Limit, Core Clock Boost, and Memory Clock Boost
- Added ability to start Afterburner if it is not running
Remote Server
- Added auto fan setting
- Added support for Power Limit, Core Clock Boost, and Memory Clock Boost which were introduced with MSI Afterburner 2.2
- Added capability to automatically create Windows Firewall exception for port designated in server properties
- Added ability to start Afterburner if it is not running

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办公商务 云盘存储
Android 1.6.0 以上

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