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ClouDox is a secure cloud service for teams to work together on digital content from any device, anywhere in the world. With ClouDox, users can securely store, share, access, search, edit and sync files from any device, online or offline.
With ClouDox for Android, you can access Favorited files when a connection is not available. And on your tablet, you can annotate them using our integrated Scribble tool so when the connection is available again, your files automatically sync with ease.
This mobile companion program for your ClouDox cloud account is the smart, simple way for you to stay productive with your Team while having access to all your computer files and shared Projects from your Android devices.
• Access all your Mac or PC files
• View documents and pictures fast with optimization for 57 file types
• Collaborate with online Projects
• Instantly search across computers and projects
• Secure computer files with set it and forget it backup
• Print from your phone to any shared printer in your team
• Fax any document through your connected eFax account
• Continuous online backup protects all your critical files
• File notifications via SMS
• Upload files as an email attachment
• Version control lets you access previous versions of files
• With the “Open With” function, use your other applications like Quickoffice or Word To Go to open, edit and save files that live in your ClouDox account.
If you need more storage or need to add users, you can upgrade at any time. Be in control and in touch even when you are away from your desk and computers are turned off. Soonr and Android gives you freedom, security and mobility. It is simply a better way to work!
随着为Android ClouDox,您可以访问收藏的文件连接不可用时。而在平板电脑上,你可以注解他们使用我们的综合涂鸦工具,所以当连接再次可用时,自动同步您的文件轻松。
如果您需要更多的存储空间,或者需要添加用户,你可以随时升级。在控制和触摸,甚至当你远离你的办公桌和电脑都关闭。 Soonr的和Android给你自由,安全性和流动性。它只是一个更好的工作方式!

ClouDox 更新内容

- Built-in editing for Microsoft Office Files
- Smart Locking: Ensure that no one else can make changes to the documents you are working on.
- Scan to PDF: Create multi-page, high-quality document scans.
- QR Linking: Now every Project, folder or file has an associated QR code for sharing.
- Allow rotation of individual pages in preview and Scribble modes.
- Option to sort file lists by selected criteria (Name, Modified Date).

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Google Play



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