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MyTeksi: Book a Taxi

MyTeksi: Book a Taxi

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MyTeksi: Book a Taxi MyTeksi: Book a Taxi MyTeksi: Book a Taxi MyTeksi: Book a Taxi MyTeksi: Book a Taxi MyTeksi: Book a Taxi

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We know that getting a taxi in Malaysia is not always easy. That's why we are doing our part to make it simpler and safer for you to take taxis. Use MyTeksi app to:- Book a real taxi in Klang Valley- Get immediate confirmation of who your driver is and how far he/she is from you.- Rate your driver. Yes, really! A few tips to get you started:1. The app auto-detects your location (you'll need to enable Location Services).2. Drag the map and position the pin on your exact pick-up location.3. Alternatively, tap the address bar at the bottom to key in your pick-up address.4. Do the same for your destination.5. Key in any remarks/special requests/tips and tap 'Book Now'.6. Get almost instantaneous confirmation of the driver that has been assigned to you.7. Voila! A taxi shows up at your doorstep and you could rate the ride at the end of your trip. Don't take our word for it, check out the short demo video on our website (www.MyTeksi.com) to see how it all works. When you do catch our taxi, say hello to the driver for us. Please email us at support@myteksi.com if you have any feedback or questions.

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Android 4.0.3 以上

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