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Shopping Town lite

Shopping Town lite

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Enjoy a new fun and entertaining

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Shopping Town lite Shopping Town lite Shopping Town lite Shopping Town lite Shopping Town lite

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Enjoy a new fun and entertaining free shopping game that will give you a fun gameplay and brain challenge!The main goal in “Shopping Town” is to build your own trading empire, proving that you’re a born shopping mogul! Build your shopping world step by step, earning money and happy customers, that will come over and over again!★ “Shopping town” Features: ★✔ 24 exciting and challenging levels.✔ Countless hours of fun and fascinating gameplay.✔ Tons of upgrades and shops.✔ “Tower Defence” - inspired game with a more peaceful approach.✔ Increasing difficulty from easy to bone breaking.✔ Beautiful graphics and a pleasant soundtrack.✔ “Shopping Town” fits everyone: girls and boys, parents and children :)Entertain yourself by managing and upgrading the stores. Available shops: Grocery Store, Liquor Store, Beauty Shop, Cosmetics, CD/DVD shop, Sports club, Jewelery Shop, Casino, Computers store and Cars Store.For squeezing the extra amount of money from customers there are different stands available: News Stand, Ice Cream Stand, Baloon Stand, Pizza and Hot Dog Stands.Shopping time won’t let you stop until you complete the whole game! Good luck with your shopping empire!Get the Full VERSION which has no ads and unlocks all levels!Notes: Some Internet permissions required in this game are only used for advertising. “Read system log” is only used for capturing anonimous crash report data.

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Android 1.6.0 以上

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