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Nellyka Nellyka Nellyka Nellyka Nellyka

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Nellyka's Official Android Application. This Android application featuring music preview, videos, photos, more from Nellyka.
Internet access required for using this application.
Stay connected with all the latest updates from Nellyka on your Android.
About Nellyka
Nelly (Nellyka) is her birthname, nickname, and middlename named by a missionary, Nelly.
In November 2010, Nelly became an independent artist and gradually released her songs. Her first album – Nellyka Rock Rock – was released in the digital downloading format that she showed her abilities to sing and play rock-styled guitar solo. Many songs were ranked in Top Twenty of Thai Radio Stations.
In July 2011, Nelly started releasing a single of her second album – Nellyka Guitalele Pop Pop – that she showed her abilities to sing and play pop-styled guitalele solo.
In August 2011, Nelly started releasing her songs of the third album – Nellyka, Solo Guitalele – that she performed classical guitar playing with her guitalele.
Nellyka was the one who made the differences in Thai music industries. Nelly was one of the very first guitarists in the world, who released the musical works both by singing and playing guitalele solo as well as playing classical songs with her guitalele. Nelly was also a pioneer who sang and played guitar solo with her guitalele in Thailand. Furthermore, Nelly was the first Thai female electric guitarist, who sang and played guitar solo in all of her album songs by herself. In addition, she is trying to release various types of musical works to the world, and providing Nellyka application, the first Asian artist’s application, on Android Market for worldwide downloading.

Nellyka 更新内容

-Add new songs
-Now you can select genre from Rock, Pop and Classical.

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Android 1.5 以上
Google Play



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