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Champion Cricket Quiz

Champion Cricket Quiz

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Champion Cricket Quiz Champion Cricket Quiz Champion Cricket Quiz Champion Cricket Quiz Champion Cricket Quiz Champion Cricket Quiz

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Test your knowledge of cricket with this fun and free Champion Cricket Quiz. More than 600 multi-choice questions on Test, ODI, IPL, and T20 cricket, including questions on players, scores, grounds, records, IPL results, etc. Play one or two player games, challenge other players to a game and get your name on the challenge scoreboard.
Who scored the fastest Test 50; how many balls did it take? Where is Bellerive Oval? What colour cap is given to the leading IPL run scorer? Whether you're a Test, ODI or IPL fan, you'll find fun and challenging questions in Champion Cricket Quiz.
And if you want to improve your cricket knowledge, after playing each quiz more details on some of the questions will be downloaded from our servers and displayed, including links to YouTube clips and other web sites.
Score more than 40 out of 50, 15 out of 20, or 5 out of 10, and add your name to the global scoreboard. Score a maximum and you get the chance to answer a bonus question. Get the bonus question right and you will be the new Champion and go top of the scoreboard.
Lifelines are available when playing the quiz, you can choose from Text a Friend, Remove Answers, and Skip Question. The more times you play Champion Cricket Quiz and the higher score you get, then the more lifelines you earn.
There is also the option of playing a head-to-head game with a friend, use one end of a device each and try and answer the questions quicker than your opponent.
Any player can get involved by adding questions to the game. Submit your questions by using the menu button and they will be added to the next version of the quiz.
There is also a home screen scoreboard widget available. Install the widget on your Android home screen to see your current score on the 24 hour and global scoreboards, and see the current champion.
谁拿下最快的测试50,花了多少个球?贝勒里夫椭圆哪里?什么颜色的帽是给领先的彩光运行得分手吗? ODI或彩光风扇,无论你是一个测试,你会发现有趣和具有挑战性的问题,冠军板球测验。

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4.0 New feature, challenge other players to a quiz
4.0 Added 100 new questions, total is now over 600 (thanks to everyone for the suggestions)
3.3 Added more questions, total is now over 500

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