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Omnipaste allows you to share a clipboard across all your Windows and Android devices. With Omnipaste, you can easily move from one device to another without the need to send yourself emails.For example, imagine you find a restaurant you want to go to and you have their website open on your laptop.First, make the reservation. Just copy the restaurant’s phone number, take your phone, and tap the phone number you just copied to make the call.Then, let your friend know where you are going. Copy the page address and go to your phone again. Compose a new message to your friend: “Hey, we’re going out tonight. The place is...” and just paste the link from your clipboard. Even though you copied on your laptop, it’s available on your phone.Finally, it’s time to go there. Just copy the restaurant’s street address on your PC and go to your phone. Tap the address and navigation opens automatically. It’s that easy.There are plenty more features related to copying and pasting, as well as notifications from your devices. You can install it on any Android or Windows device. For more information, go to our website.Features:- Copy paste from phone to computer.- Copy paste from computer to phone.- Attach smart actions to clippings: Phone number, address, hyperlink.- View a history of clippings from all your devices.- Get notifications for incoming SMS on the computer.- Get notifications for incoming calls on the computer.- Hang up an incoming call from the computer.- Reply to an SMS/Incoming call with an SMS from the computer.- Initiate a phone call from computer as a response to an incoming SMS/Call.

Omnipaste 更新内容

This release features the long awaited contacts sync feature, you will now get to see all your contacts in the windows client and you can start calling/texting them right away.
Thank you for using Omnipaste leave your feedback at http://omnipasteapp.uservoice.com/.

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Android 4.1.x 以上



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