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DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting

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The DialMyCalls Android app allows anyone to send voice broadcasts or text message (SMS) broadcasts right from their mobile device. Using your phone, you can quickly and easily record a message, select the group of numbers to send it to, then pick a time and date for the call to go out. DialMyCalls then instantly calls everyone and plays your message for them. If the call ends up going to a voicemail our system will leave the message on their answering machine so they will hear it later.
It's completely free to use to send one broadcast out to 25 numbers per week, which is perfect for small organizations or groups. For those of you who need to call larger groups or make calls/texts more often, you can simply purchase credits for only a few cents per call. The DialMyCalls Android app also ties in with our DialMyCalls.com website so your account can be accessed in both places. Using the website you can easily import & organize thousands of phone numbers in minutes. Then whenever you're on the road and need to place a call you can do so right through your phone.
DialMyCalls is used by thousands of organizations around the USA, from youth sports teams to Fortune 500 companies. Our customers privacy is of our utmost importance. We will never release, sell or distribute any of the phone numbers or information in your account- your information is strictly yours.
The DialMyCalls app requires a DialMyCalls.com account which you can set up for free either through the app or our website. There is no credit card or payment info needed for free accounts. If you need help getting set up please feel free to call our customer support team at 1-800-928-2086. Thanks and we look foward to having you as a user!
该DialMyCalls Android应用程序允许任何人发送语音广播或短信(SMS)直接从他们的移动设备广播。使用你的手机,你可以快速,方便地记录信息时,选择了一组数字将其发送到,然后选择一个时间和日期呼叫出去。 DialMyCalls然后立即呼吁大家并发挥你的信息他们。如果呼叫最终转到语音信箱我们的系统会留下自己的电话答录机的消息,使他们稍后会听到它。
它是完全免费使用发送一个广播出去每周25号,这是完美的小型组织或团体。对于那些谁需要更频繁地打电话较大的团体或拨打电话/文本,你可以简单地购买筹码每次通话只有几毛钱。该DialMyCalls Android应用程序还会将与我们的DialMyCalls.com网页您的帐户可以在两地进行访问。使用该网站,你可以轻松地导入,整理成千上万的电话号码分钟。然后当你在旅途中,需要发出呼叫您可以直接通过您的手机做到这一点。

DialMyCalls Voice Broadcasting 更新内容

Fixed sorting on phone import
Send Notification To Multiple Groups
Fixed contact edit groups
Easier record by microphone with retries
Faster loading of contact count for groups
Settings section with pagination options
Fixed need for menu button. Certain phones no longer supported the menu button and made the work around very hard to find.
In-App purchasing of credit packages for SMS broadcasting and voice broadcasting.
Voice / Text Broadcast Reports update a lot faster and are more detailed.

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Android 2.3 以上
Google Play

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