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eJumble File Manager

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eJumble File Manager eJumble File Manager eJumble File Manager eJumble File Manager

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eJumble Keep Your Files Secured

eJumble is a full featured file browser/manager, with an integrated file encryption feature that allows you to safe guard your importance files (e.g. office docs, pictures)

Have you ever wonder what if you misplaced your phone device? This app protects all your importance documents and pictures from prying eyes. No one without a correct password can access or view any of the contents within the folders.

The PRO version of eJumble is ad free and with extra privacy protection feature that allows you to optionally encrypt the file name within the encrypted folder.

** Encrypted Folder **
This feature allows you to encrypt the entire contents within the secured/encrypted folder. And you can still browse & manage the secured contents like any other folders, once its unlocked with a correct password. And yes even pictures thumbnails preview.

How to setup a encrypted folder with eJumble FileSafe:
Press 'Menu' -> 'New Folder'; select 'Encrypted folder'; enter folder name and password. Copy/Move the files that you would like to be password protected into the encrypted folder.

To view/manage the file within the secured folder you'd need to enter the password once for every time you open the app. Once you've closed(exited) the app every files in the encrypted folder are secured again.

** Verified by Amazon Appstore **

**Please note that the difference between 'Encrypt' & 'Secured(Encrypted) Folder' features.
The 'Encrypt' function allows user to encrypt file(s)/folder(s) to be transported or archived on external storage, so the original contents are kept unchanged.
The 'Secured(Encrypted) Folder' feature are intended for safe guarding your files stored on the device.

** Features **
*Secured(encrypted) folders.
*File & Text encryption.
*SMB remote file management via WIFI.
*Stream music/video directly from a remote server/drive.
*Display thumbnails.
*Easy one click zoom in/out views.
*One click to switch between list view & icon view.
*Copy, move & delete files.
*Batch select, multi-select.
*Text edit.
*Allows other apps to pick file.
*Zip compression.
*Extract zip, tar, gz, bz2, tgz.
*Zip,Tar compressed file contents preview.
*Files & text encryption.
*Install apk.
*Send encrypted file without the need of exchanging password.

Permissions Explanation:
-Read Contacts permission is needed for the "send encrypted material without the need of exchanging password" feature. This feature access the 'Contacts' info to allows user to pick from the list of contacts(recipients) before the encryption. See app's FAQ for more details on the feature.
*No informations are being collected or sent by the app.

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Please report issue or comment to "support@opaqueware.com"

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version 1.5.1

Minor bug fix.

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系统工具 优化 文件管理
Android 1.6.0 以上

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