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OpenRice.com – Asia’s Premier Dining Guide is now in Singapore! Discover the best food in Singapore, share it with your friends via social media and navigate to your dining destination easily. What’s more, you can now submit food reviews on-the-go!
User Reviews:
- “… plenty of opinions on what’s hot and what’s not.” – T3 Singapore Magazine
- “With OpenRice Singapore, you’ll never go hungry again!” – Catalog Magazine
- “… you will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to food.” – HerWorldPlus
- “Perfect for a busy working mom like me. I can now submit food reviews on-the-go!” – Sweet Memoirs, blogger
- “Easy to use, especially for active reviewers. Now I can easily use the photos I took with my phone and do the review directly..” – CoffeeLover, OpenRicer
Key Features:
- Comprehensive restaurant information with over 24,000 dining listings and 70,000 food reviews
- Advance search for restaurants in Singapore using keywords, cuisine, district, price and more
- Locate nearby restaurants in Singapore via GPS and get directions
- Share restaurants information with your friends via WhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook, Twitter and more
- Check out dining deals, promotions and discounts from various restaurants in Singapore
OpenRice.com - 亚洲首屈一指的饮食指南现已在新加坡!在新加坡发现的最好的食物,通过社交媒体与朋友分享它,然后导航至您的用餐场所容易。更重要的是,你现在可以提交上这去的食物的评论!
- “......大量的关于什么是热的观点,什么不是。” - T3新加坡杂志
- “随着新加坡开饭,你永远不会挨饿了!” - 杂志目录
- “......你一定会被宠坏的选择,当谈到食物。” - HerWorldPlus
- “完美的一个繁忙的工作妈妈喜欢我。我现在可以提交上这去的食物则评论“ - 甜蜜的回忆录,博客
- “易使用,尤其是对于活跃评论。现在,我可以很容易地使用照片我带着我的手机,并直接进行审查。“ - CoffeeLover,OpenRicer
- 全面的餐厅信息与超过24,000个餐饮上市和70,000的食物评论
- 高级搜索餐馆在新加坡使用关键字,美食,区,价格和更多
- 找到附近的餐馆在新加坡通过GPS和方向得到
- 分享餐厅通过的WhatsApp,WeChat,Facebook,Twitter和更多的与您的朋友的信息
- 退房餐饮优惠,促销活动和折扣从新加坡各种餐馆

OpenRice Singapore 更新内容

• Support Google Sign in so user can login or register with Google Account
• All levels of member can now upload up to 12 photos when write a review
• Minor revisions to user interface
• Bug fixes

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