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Remote Ringer (FREE) - Paijwar

Remote Ringer (FREE) - Paijwar

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Remote Ringer (FREE) - Paijwar Remote Ringer (FREE) - Paijwar Remote Ringer (FREE) - Paijwar

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support: ringersupport@paijwar.com
web: http://www.codemartial.com
Phone is in silent mode and you missed it somewhere nearby, you cannot find it by ringing it,
as it is in silent mode
Remote Ringer helps you to change your phone mode from silent to normal.
Once your phone is in normal mode, you can ring it from another mobile and find it.
Remote Ringer needs to be configured before use, you can add one number that
you think you can use it to send SMS to your phone in case of emergency.
How to use this app?
1) define authorized contact number from settings->authorized contact
2) define your secret password from settings->secret
3) you can press back button and exit from app.
Now put your phone into silent mode.
send sms from your registered mobile phone, by writing your secret password in sms.
Result: your phone should be in normal mode and you should receive sms confirmation.
You have phone A on which you have installed this app
You have another phone B, to which you have given authorization.
Lets put the secret as word MAX
Phone number of B is your authorized contact number.
Phone A is in silent mode.
From Phone B you send an SMS with text MAX to Phone A
Phone A gets Normal profile activated and you get response SMS.
Now when phone A get a call it will ring with full volume.
Any doubt or question regarding this can be sent to support email.

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No more registration sms.

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Android 1.6 以上
Google Play

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