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Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots

Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots

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Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots Mermaid's Pearl Free Slots

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Mermaid's Pearl Free Slot Machine HD
Play Mermaid's Pearl today in HD for FREE! This "fan favorite" mobile download is Ad Supported with many ways to remove the ads after download.
Swim with the dolphins and fall in love with the beautiful mermaid in this Reel Deal slot game. Gather deep sea treasures as you spin your way to huge winnings in the ultimate search for the Mermaids Pearl!
Mermaids Pearl is a 3x5 slot machine that contains all the familiar special reels like Scatter and Wild that help make your payouts soar! Scour the ocean for its colorful fish and hidden treasures to align the best winnings. Gather three pearls to trigger the free spin bonus round! In this amazing Bonus Round you have the power to choose your favorite symbol to become a Wild. Compel the mermaid to fall for you and deliver her elusive treasures in Phantom’s newest Mobile Slot, Mermaids Pearl.
This slot machine is connected to other slots through a casino interface. From the casino you can browse to the other slots. Your bankroll is shared between all the machines. Slots include:
- Robin Hood Free HD Slot Machine
- Green Thumb Free HD Slot Machine
- Magic of the Unicorn Free HD Slot Machine
- Mermaid's Pearl Free HD Slot Machine
- Spirit Wolf Free HD Slot Machine
If you like playing these slot machine games solo, you might also want to try playing the slots in tournaments! Buy in to tournaments using your earnings from solo play. Then see how many credits you can win in a set number of spins. You will be competing against other players spinning the same slots with the same number of spins. Earn a high score in a tournament and rake in some serious dough!
All our slot machines are for entertainment purposes only. No real money is wagered, earned or lost. The payout percentages on our for-fun slot machines is higher than slot machines in actual casinos and you should not expect similar results.

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Android 2.0.1 以上

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