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America's Prom Guide! Shop hottest prom & homecoming dresses!


By America's Prom Guide, LLC

******SUMMER 2012 - JULY *************

We are actively working on the crash errors, please check back with us soon!! **************

View hundreds of dresses, shoes and tuxedos from the biggest names in prom and homecoming on Prom Guide's new app. For the best experience on our app, we recommend that your Android device has at least 9 megs of available memory.

Pick your homecoming or prom look -- just by picking up your phone! With the Prom Guide app, you can browse the latest designs from the hottest lines. Flip to see outfits from the front or back. Share your favorite finds with your friends on Facebook or via e-mail. See a look you love? Find a store near you to get it now! The Prom Guide app puts homecoming and prom success right in the palm of your hand.

Prom Guide and PromGuide.com reach millions of prom teens around the country. We capture the passion and excitement of the biggest high school event — the prom. As part of the well-known brand of Prom Guide®, we've launched an amazing multimedia program that includes a print magazine, a popular website and an innovative mobile apps! Moreover, Prom Guide keeps teens engaged year-round through various online contest, scholarships and in-store events.

Prom Guide 更新内容

1. Bug Fixes.

2. Added Contest Voting Component. Check out scholarship contest on http://promguide.com and vote on the app!

3. More bug fixes 1.26.2012

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Endeavour Mobile

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