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Introducing Player Tools contact hider
Recent upgrades just added to Player Tools Version 1
★App is now completely hidden!! Simply dial or send sms text to "55555" and the app will launch. This means Player Tools now has dual layer access security. It remains hidden until it is launched by dialing or texting the correct number and it also can be disguised as a calculator if password protected. Launch code can be customized to whatever you like from the settings menu.
★Self destruct mode: When enabled, self destruct mode will initiate after 5 failed attempts to access your app with the incorrect password. Self destruct mode will encrypt and backup your protected contacts onto your SD card and wipe them off your phone. To restore, simple type in your correct password followed with the "." instead of the "=" and your deleted contacts will be restored. Eat your heart out James Bond!
★Seamlessly Hide and Restore any phone calls, sms and mms messages, contacts with the touch of a single button.
★Completely interfaced with you android's native contact list.
★Contacts with attached photos can be hidden from contact list.
★The only app of its kind that not only hides and restores phone calls and text messages, but hides and restores the actual stored contact from your contact list.
★Enter Protect Mode to hide any incoming phone calls or text messages in real time. Simply use the restore feature when the coast is clear to view your missed calls and messages.
★Also completely block MMS (image) messages in protect mode!
★Decoy indicator will alert you if you have received calls or messages while in protect mode.
A fake "low memory" alert will appear in the notification bar. When the coast is clear simply hit restore to view the hidden calls and messages.
★Require Password setting will protect access to Player Tools by cleverly disguising it as a calculator. Only by entering your correct password sequence followed by the "=" sign will the true purpose of the app be revealed.
Limitations in Player Tools Free
-Player Tools Free is not hidden
-Player Tools Free does not have Self Destruct Mode
-Player Tools Free will not block MMS (image) messages in protect mode.
-Player Tools Free will not hide photo contacts
-Player Tools Free will not give you a decoy alert message if missed calls and messages while in protect mode
Additional instructions from developer.
A. Some devices may require a reboot after install before you can launch the latest version of app.
B. Please uninstall your previous version first before upgrading. After installing the latest version please reboot your device before launching.
C. Launching app using the dialer is only compatible with android 2.2 and below. For android 2.3 + please text message your launch code to launch the app.
D. If you are using Protect Mode and your device has a notification system (separate from the phone log) you can easily disable this for complete protection. Follow these simple steps.
1. Select Settings
2. Select Notifications
3. Select missed calls from the event pull down menu
4. Uncheck all notifications
Don't let a text message or suspicious number in your phone ruin your life. Protect yourself with Player Tools.
Please visit the below link to report a bug or to see view issues we are currently working on.

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Android 1.6 以上

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