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X Speed [Download Manager]

X Speed [Download Manager]

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X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager] X Speed [Download Manager]

X Speed [Download Manager] 描述

Download Manager for Android

Want to download some files?
Want to have your documents with you anytime anywhere?
Want to view or play the downloaded files instantly?

Here is the solution:

Download Manager allows you to download files to your android device.

You can then view/play the downloaded files right on your device, or transfer them to your computer.

It is 3 times faster than any other application on android market currently.


Multi Part Download.

Pause/Resume functionality.

Background Download.

Multiple downloads at the same time.

Rename any downloaded file.

Support open almost of file types.

Music and video playback of the downloaded files.

Intuitive User Interface.

launching the app from share link option.

Copy & Past the download link URL.

User Manual provided in the app.

X Speed (Download Manager)
Download File Size Download Time
5 MB - 7 sec
36 MB - 1 min 23 sec
54 MB - 2 min 23 sec
102 MB - 3 min 51 sec
182 MB - 10 min 46 sec

Watch Demo Video on the below link:


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X Speed [Download Manager] 更新内容


1) Multi Part Download

2) Pause/Resume functionality

3) Background Download

X Speed [Download Manager] 历史版本

X Speed [Download Manager] 使用技巧

X Speed [Download Manager] 信息

Android 1.6.0 以上
PurpleTalk Inc.

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