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Find anyone, anywhere in real time! Tracking at your finger tips!

Have you ever made plans with friends and end up spending ages just trying to find each other? Yeah I know the feeling!

Well now there's a solution to help you locate anyone, anywhere all in real time!
All you need is an internet connection :)

There are many other ways to use Where Are You too:

- Perhaps you want to keep an eye on your kids on their way to and from school.

- Maybe you've been invited to a party but you haven’t been given an address.

- You’re planning a surprise party and want to see where the guest of honour is.

- You might have lost your own phone and want to locate it using another phone.

- You could track your vehicle by placing a device inside out of sight.

- I’m sure there are many more!

If you find any more interesting uses for Where Are You please let me know as I'm always happy to hear the many ways my apps are being used :)

############# PLEASE NOTE: It helps if you already have an account with www.instamapper.com as it is used to retrieve tracking data. Otherwise there is a small amount of set up required #############

At the moment Where Are You uses data from another app/service (GPSTracker/InstaMapper), but I am building the same functionality into Where Are You, so expect plenty of updates and hopefully not too many bugs!

As this app uses the services of GPSTracker you will need to sign up for an account at http://www.instamapper.com, they will provide you with an API Key which you can then use in Where Are You to begin tracking.

Where Are You is being updated all the time so please, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions or issues please feel free to contact me :)

*** Please rate Where Are You if you enjoy using it! If I know you like it the better the updates will be! Motivate me :) Thanks for using Where Are you ***

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Where Are You 更新内容



- Fixed FC when touching the onscreen buttons in tracking mode


- Fixed wrong button showing in map mode

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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