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Baby Signing Lite

Baby Signing Lite

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Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite Baby Signing Lite

Baby Signing Lite 描述

this app is an example of the full app. There are only 50 signs to show you what you will get with the full app.
This app is a free version of our full app to give you an example of the functionality of the big one. This version only includes 50 signs whereas our paid one comes with over 300 signs (over 45 minutes of instruction).
Learn ASL from world-renowned baby signing superstar, Laura Berg, founder of My Smart Hands and mom of the Internet’s most famous signing baby, Fireese (video seen on You Tube with nearly 4 million views)
If you are interested in baby sign language or ASL then this app is a must have!
In the full version you will learn over 300 ASL signs to use when teaching your baby how to sign, this free version comes with 50 signs for you to start with. It can be difficult to learn and remember new signs. This app offers you instructions on how to make the signs as well as memory tips to help you remember them. There is a fun quiz for you to play to test your knowledge. You can select the number of questions as well as answers to choose from, making it as hard or easy as you’d like.
Add signs to a favorite list for quick reference. You can also set the videos to play all and sit back and watch them one after another without having to click on any ‘next’ button. This is great for children who are interested in learning but haven’t developed the skills to make word choices from a list.
This app comes with different lessons that are broken down into themes. It has a full 300+ word ASL dictionary for quick and easy reference of the words.
You also have the support of a great community online on our facebook group at www.facebook.com/MySmartHandsFan or through our website at www.mysmarthands.com

Baby Signing Lite 更新内容

Version 2.5
- Fix for Video hide behind list
- Fix for all crashes reported
- Removed Ads
Version 2.4
Fix app crashing on Launch for Android <2.3 users
Version 2.1
Video download service fixed for devices that don't receive the video package on installation of the app
Version 2.0
Video Content Now hosted on Play store - Users should delete and reinstall app in order to remove old video content.
Version 1.7
New Video Content - please delete/re-install application

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考试学习 学习
Android 3.0.0 以上
My Smart Hands

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