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Snap Chop Lite

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Snap Chop Lite Snap Chop Lite Snap Chop Lite Snap Chop Lite Snap Chop Lite

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Snap Chop: The original app that adds hilarious captions to your photos.
Check out the all new version 2 now with speech functionality... Powered by iSpeech.
* The best-selling iPhone app also available for Android *
* Snap Chop is the original random caption app *
You're gonna love my shots!
Step 1: Hang out with some buddies!
Step 2: Take a photo!
Step 3: Snap Chop selects a random phrase from its large collection of funny and places it over your photo!
Step 4: View the result!
Step 5: Win!
● Listen to your device speak the phrase (speech requires an internet connection).
● Add your own phrases as well for endless amounts of quality entertainment.
● Save your photos and share your good times with your friends online.
● Don’t like the phrase for the current photo? Shake the device to get a new one.
● Don’t like the photo for the current phrase? Retake the photo.
Upgrade to the full version of Snap Chop and get the following features...
★ 9 more speech voices
★ More phrases
Warning: Snap Chop is to be used for entertainment purposes only and by those who aren't easily offended and have a sense of humor.
Snap Chop Lite is an Ad supported app. For the full Ad-free version with hundreds of more phrases, please check out Snap Chop.
If you experience any issues, please email support@snapchop.me with your Android version and phone model and submit any crash reports if possible. Thanks.

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Android 2.2.x 以上

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