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Inbox Spy Inbox Spy Inbox Spy Inbox Spy Inbox Spy

Inbox Spy 描述

Inbox Spy is an email filtering tool that allows you to selectively filter email from your email server based on filters you create.

Here’s how it works: all you do is decide what phrase / piece of text / contact(s) you’re waiting for email from, create a “search” for it, add the email server details you want to search on and decide on how often you want to search. Activate the background search, enable an optional notification sound and wait. Inbox Spy will search your inbox periodically and if your “search” is found, let you know. You then have the option of reading the email, viewing any attachments and replying to it.

About the Permissions:

Storage ( modify delete SD card contents):

Used for storing data (for phones post Android 2.2) related to emails (like the message itself and any attachments).

Network Communication (full internet access):

This one should be obvious, if it can’t connect to the internet, how does it connect to your email?

Network Communication (read network state):

This option is used by the “Wifi Only” option to allow you to limit data usage to only when connected to WiFi.

Your Personal Information (read contact data):

For searching for email from your list of Contacts.

Please report any bugs or suggest features using the Email option form the Options screen.

Inbox Spy 更新内容


Put in change so 4.0+ devices can see HTML emails. Workaround only until better solution can be found, but HTML emails now appear as TEXT.

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Android 2.2.x 以上
Rick Tonoli

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