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飞行模拟器 高级版

飞行模拟器 高级版

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飞行模拟器 高级版 截图

飞行模拟器 高级版 飞行模拟器 高级版 飞行模拟器 高级版 飞行模拟器 高级版 飞行模拟器 高级版 飞行模拟器 高级版

飞行模拟器 高级版 描述

PicaSim is a flight simulator for radio controlled aircraft. You can use it to learn how to fly, to practise aerobatics, or just to have fun flying around on a rainy day.
This is the full version - so if you've tried the free version (which contains most of what's here) and you enjoy it enough that you would like to support its past or future development (or just say thanks!), buy this to make a contribution.
If it helps, this includes some extras that aren't in the free version of the simulator:
- A variety of races - F3F-style and cross-country (the free version has just one race).
- Limbo (slope and powered) and thermal duration challenges.
- Planes: Two discus launched gliders (including the Ypsi Notos), GeeBee R2, Tigger (2.9m F3F slope racer), ASW15, "The Plank", magpie, and an electric version of the Neoslope. Also a quadcopter/drone and a very fast/aerobatic control-line plane, the Peacemaker.
- Terrains: Panoramic version of the "Mountains Dynamic Soaring" scene, plus a "Snowy Hills" scene (3D and panoramic) and two more panoramic scenes (flat field and slope).
Over time it will acquire additional planes/terrains.
There's now a forum for posting bugs, suggestions and general discussion at http://picasim.freeforums.org
The complete list of planes included is:
Gliders/sailplanes: ASW15, Banana, Canard, Discus, trainer, Neoslope, Genie, Icarus (DLG), Jart, Kato, Le Fish (standard & ultralight), Magpie, Notos (DLG), Phase 6, Plank (wing), Tigger (F3F), Trapeze, Weasel.
Electric gliders: Neoslope, trainer
Powered R/C planes: AcroBat, Extra (3D, normal and large size), F18, GeeBee R2, RT Eraser Five, High-wing trainer, twin-propeller delta.
Control-line: Extra, Peacemaker.
Other: Wasp (quadcopter), Moyes XS 142 (hang glider).
If your device is Android 3 or above and supports USB OTG, you can probably use an external USB gamepad or joystick, or even your R/C Transmitter (via an interface), using a USB OTG cable/adapter (very cheap). Its definitely worth trying. Make sure you connect the controller before running PicaSim, and then set it up in the settings->joystick menu. Here's a video walking through the setup: http://youtu.be/HnM0YDfVArs
Permissions: PicaSim saves settings to the SD card, mainly because it supports using user-generated content. It needs the "Phone calls" permission for Marmalade - and to handle interruption by incoming calls properly. PicaSim does not access any personal data on the device.
这是完整版本 - 如果你已经尝试免费版本(其中包含了大部分的东西在这里),你喜欢它,以至于你想支持其过去或未来的发展(或只是说声感谢!),买这个来做出了贡献。
- 各种种族 - F3F风格和越野(免费版本只有一个种族)。
- 凌波(斜率和供电)和热持续的挑战。
- 飞机:两个铁饼推出滑翔机(包括Ypsi Notos),GeeBee R2,跳跳虎(2.9米F3F斜坡赛车手),ASW15,“木板”,喜鹊,以及电动版的Neoslope的。另外一个四轴飞行器/无人驾驶飞机和速度非常快/特技飞行控制线面的和平使者。
- 地形:的“山动态飞龙在天”的场景全景的版本,再加上一个“山雪”的场景(3D和全景)和两个以上的全景场景(平场和斜率)。
本站的R / C飞机:Acrobat中,额外的(3D,正常和大尺寸),F18,GeeBee R2,RT橡皮擦五,高翼教练机,双螺旋桨三角洲。
其他:黄蜂(四轴飞行器),莫耶斯XS 142(滑翔机)。
如果你的设备是Android的3个或以上,支持USB OTG,你也许可以使用外接USB游戏手柄或摇杆,甚至是你的R / C发射器(通过接口),使用USB OTG线缆/适配器(很便宜)。它绝对值得一试。确保你的控制器上运行PicaSim之前连接,然后将其设置在设置 - >控制杆菜单。这里有一个视频,通过设置步行:http://youtu.be/HnM0YDfVArs
权限:PicaSim保存设置到SD卡,主要是因为它支持使用用户生成的内容。它需要的“电话通话”权限酱 - 和中断处理来电时正常。 PicaSim不访问设备上的任何个人资料。

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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