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Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA下载

Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA

Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA

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Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA

Scanner Buddy v2 BETA BETA 描述

Police scanner application for android.

*If it doesn't have your city, visit radioreference.com and start your own feed. I cannot add any cities I don't live in, please don't email me about adding them.

I lost my keystore to the other versions of Scanner Buddy. This has a couple of bug fixes and will be the future version with all updates. Please submit accurate bug reports explain what you were doing and what phone you have.

This is a BETA version!!! Meaning it is partially unsupported.

Sorry for taking long since any updates.
One major bug fix, is it will have all the channels from radioreference.com, previous version had 2500 maximum hardcoded.

****** NEWS ******
I am working on this update as I write this, please submit
useful bug reports including:
*what you were doing
*what menu
*was it downloading/loading feeds
*MOST IMPORTANT: what phone do you have

Unfortunately, I lost the key signing password, so it
will be the same application under a different name.
Much of the code will be rewritten to avoid previous bugs.

I apologize for not updating this application for such
a long time. Between the 9-5, moving from CA to TX, getting married, and a terrible 92 Geo Storm that has cause me to break down in AZ, CA, TX, Mexico & Guatemala; It has been tough

Any graphics people willing to do some new designs
please contact me for $$$. Most of the bugs are due
to the fact that there are hundreds of different android
devices, and I am only one person.


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Android 1.5.0 以上
Karlan Mitchell

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