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Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite

Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite

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Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite

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游戏Mini Golf game for your Android device to play virtual mini golf on the go!Mini golf game with an old-school play-style that will have you reminiscing of how great 2D gaming was and always will be! Each of the 27 golf fairways can be as simple as hitting toward the hole OR challenge yourself to figure out how to get a -1 score to unlock the 3 flags achievement on each mini golf hole!Some players have told us each hole is like a self-contained puzzle. If you think it's too easy, did you get 3 flags on each hole? It's not as easy as it seems :) PLUS, there are 3 control styles to master, each with varying difficulty!Fun-Putt Mini Golf Lite, has 27 fully playable holes. Challenging to master, easy to play. BUY THE FULL VERSION HAS OVER 100 HOLES!Please rate and comment :)Play the 27 holes as many times as you want for FREE! Download today and have fun! Buy the full version for over 100 holes, PLUS individual hole achievements and course trophy achievements.Try out the 9 hole versions of the first course, the Deluxe tutorial course and the first 9 hole Deluxe course.Minigolf courses are now 9 holes long for quick and fun play times. This is a 2D top-view mini golf game for your phone. You control the ball with your finger, and golf your way through sand, water, hills and other obstacles. There is also a power bar control method for a more controlled mini golf game.In this challenging mini golf game, you try to get the best and lowest score on each mini golf course.Full version of this putt putt mini golf game, play multiple courses with a total of 99 holes in all (plus the original Fun-Putt Mini Golf game holes)The courses in the full version get more challenging, and harder to master. You can also play for various individual hole and course achievements.Game works fine on Tablet devices but just centers game in the screen.Enjoy the LITE version of Fun-Putt Mini Golf, practice on these mini golf holes, and when you think you're ready, try the full version for a fun and addicting challenge!

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Android 1.5.0 以上
Seltice Systems LLC

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