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Aircraft Compass Free

Aircraft Compass Free

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Aircraft Compass Free Aircraft Compass Free Aircraft Compass Free Aircraft Compass Free Aircraft Compass Free Aircraft Compass Free

Aircraft Compass Free 描述

Aircraft Compass provides magnetic compass and GPS ground-track functionality depicted as an aircraft directional gyro, complete with a functioning heading bug.

It uses your phones internal sensors and global positioning system to present you with an accurate magnetic heading or ground-track.

- Magnetic heading sourced via internal accelerometer, gyro and magnetometer sensors
- Ground-track sourced via internal GPS
- Functioning heading bug (just drag with your finger!)
- Filtered and smoothed display - no jitter or jumping!
- Support for portrait and landscape screens
- Support for multiple screen resolutions

This is the free version of the app.
It is ad supported and has a two minute time limit per run. Upgrade to the paid version to remove both these limitations.

Aircraft Compass is very simple to use. Move the heading bug by touching it and sliding it around. You can switch between magnetic heading and GPS based groundtrack using the menu, as well as changing between portrait and landscape modes
If you like this app, please try my other aircraft/flying related apps!

I'm a professional software engineer, part-time android developer and passionate private pilot so would love to hear your thoughts, feature requests and bug reports.

Aircraft Compass Free 更新内容


v2.3 (24/03/2012)

- Fix heading bug bug! Bug now moves with card correctly.

- Grountrack selection now persists between usage.

v2.2 (06/03/2012)

- Fix for small screens

- Instrument is now scaled larger on larger screens

- Added digital text readout

- Version # aligned with paid app

v1.1 (12/02/2012)

- (Hopefully!) Fixed screen resolution bug on certain devices

v1.0 (05/02/2012)

- Initial release


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Aircraft Compass Free 使用技巧

Aircraft Compass Free 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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