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Smart Ring Control Smart Ring Control Smart Ring Control Smart Ring Control Smart Ring Control

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This app is setting your phone ring volume depending on its position. You can set different ring volume level for when the device is horizontal on a table or desk, and when the device is vertical (in your pocked, handbag, etc.). The notification message is required by Android so the app won't be killed. Jelly Bean users can disable the notification by viewing the app info page, and un-check the "Show notifications" checkbox. The app will still work afterwards. The app uses the accelerometer sensor of the device to recognize if the device is horizontal or vertical.The Pro (paid) version also recognizes if the device is horizontal with the screen up or the screen down, and is also using the proximity sensor to aid the position detection.This ring volume control application is similar in function to PocketMode for iPhone and the "Pocket Mode" option of the latest HTC phones. But it uses the accelerometer sensor instead of the ambient light sensor(which PocketMode uses). Additionally, you can set the device to be muted for a period of time from within the application. For example, when you go to a movie, you can set the device to be muted for 2 hours, and it will enter silent mode for 2 hours. Right after you finish watching the movie, the device ring volume will be automatically restored to the previous settings. Or you can go to sleep and turn off the ringer until the morning when you wake up.IMPORTANT! - posting a review that the app is not working won't help you! And it certainly isn't helping us. Please write to smartringcontrol@gmail.com what the problem is and we'll do our best to fix it.

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Android 2.3.2 以上

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