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SiDiary Diabetes Management

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SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management SiDiary Diabetes Management

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In case of incompatibility please have a look on our website: http://www.sidiary.org/customerservice-faqv6-2088.asp?IDSprache=2
To work with a diabetes logbook on your Android device is very simple with SiDiary. You can track all relevant data for your therapy like blood glucose, carbohydrates, medication like insulin and so on quick in a simple data mask to make it visible on your Android device. You can analyze it with the statistic function or with our trend analysis.
If you already use the PC version of SiDiary to read out your meters, insulin pump, etc. - you can add this data also to your Android device by simply synchronizing it with SiDiary Online.
The features of this app so far:
• easiest entry of all data with the numeric keypad
• all data can be tracked with a scrollable input mask
• clearly arranged display of your daily data in SiDiary's typical style
• lots of statistic-graphics (pie chart, line graph, modal day and detailed statistic)
• trend analysis (how was the progress of your therapy in the last days/weeks/months?)
• fast synchronization of your data with 'SDiary Online', from where you are able to print your data stand-alone from your operating system or synchronize the data with your desktop computer version of SiDiary
• option for automatically synchronization (after shut down the app and/or at midnight)
• user defined data types, which you have defined in your pc-version can also be used on the Android after a synchronization with 'SiDiary Online'
• blood glucose values can be entered in mg/dl or mmol/l
• body weight can be entered in kg or lbs
• carbohydrates can be entered in gram or any other exchange unit (such as BE/KE, etc.)
• date format dd.mm or mm-dd
• time format 24h or 12h am/pm
• data rows that you don't want to use can be hidden
You can use 'SiDiary Android' stand-alone, but this version can also enhance the pc-version - e.g. you can download readings from your blood glucose meter, insulin pump, blood pressure meter or pedometer with your pc-version and enter additional data on the way in your Android version. After synchronizing your desktop computer and your Android both with 'SiDiary Online' all of your data will be merged into one logbook. Since synchronization with 'SiDiary Online' will be started manually - you always have the full control of possible costs for your online connection.
You can use the app in the adware mode (with commercial ads) as long as you wish. Please note that in this mode only the last 7 calendar days can be synchronized with SiDiary Online.
The app claims for the following rights (legend in brackets):
• read phone state and identity (to build the apps serial number)
• your roughly estimated (network-based) location (for commercial ads in your language)
• full internet access (download ads and transfer data on demand to SiDiary Online)
• storage (to store data locally on your device)
• paid services (send short messages: optional, must be turned on first: when the blood glucose is exceeding or falling below the limit values a SMS can be send to a predetermined number (eg, to the parents or the diabetes team)
• system tools (to establish Bluetooth connection to Fora Diamond Mini BT glucose meter by request)
如果您已经使用的的PC版SiDiary读出你的米,胰岛素泵等 - 你这个数据也可以添加到你的Andr​​oid设备,通过简单的同步与子公司在线。
•碳水化合物可以输入克或任何其他汇率单元(如BE / KE等)
•时间格式24小时或12小时AM / PM
您可以使用Android的SiDiary单机,但这个版本也能提升PC版本 - 例如从您的血糖仪,胰岛素泵,血压仪或计步器可以下载读数与您的电脑版和Android版本的方式输入其他数据。同步您的台式电脑和Android两个“子公司在线”后,所有数据将被合并成一个日志。由于将手动启动与“子公司在线”同步 - 你总是有可能的成本为您的网上连接的完全控制。

SiDiary Diabetes Management 更新内容

- Added progress bar for synchronization
- Added reminder for blood sugar after meals
- Synchronization with Beurer BM57 and BM85 Beurer blood pressure meters
- Added graphics for CGMS Statistics
- Selection of meters now also in the Setup available

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Android 3.0.0 以上
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