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Mobile MedRecs Classic

Mobile MedRecs Classic

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Mobile MedRecs Classic Mobile MedRecs Classic

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**This is a beta version that only allows you to enter medical information for one person. A much improved version will be released at a later date. Thanks!

Mobile MedRecs is a safe-and-simple way to keep track of you and your family’s medical information - enabling quick referencing, anywhere and at anytime. All data is stored on your device and synced with your PC's Android client - enabling quick accessed with or without an internet connection.

Use our FREE app to securely store every-one's records (ex: hospitals, pharmacies, medications, allergies, immunizations, vaccines, emergency contacts, etc). Makes healthcare related visits/emergencies much easier, with all pertinent information residing on your phone.

We will never see any of the information you add to your Mobile MedRecs app, it is private to your personal device.

Visit www.MobileMedRecs.com or email us at support@mobilemedrecs.com for questions or additional information, Thanks!

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健康运动 养生
Android 2.2.x 以上
Steven Gammon

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