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codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

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codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 截图

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner codeREADr – Commercial Scanner codeREADr – Commercial Scanner codeREADr – Commercial Scanner codeREADr – Commercial Scanner codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 描述

codeREADr - a barcode & NFC scanning app used for ticket scanning, attendance tracking, inventory and asset tracking, guest lists, access control, lead retrieval and tracking security and maintenance workers.
Businesses, educators, service providers and developers use the app in conjunction with our paid web services to scan, track, record and validate data embedded within barcodes and NFC tags. To try us out, register within the app for our Free Plan (limited to 50 scans per month).
- Validate scans online or offline (valid, invalid, invalid duplicate alerts)
- Conditional validation alerts (min/max count, duration, time/date)
- Data Collection (form field, multiple choice, photo capture, secondary scans, conditional workflows)
- GPS tracking (foreground or background)
- Control Capture Method (enable/disable camera scanning, manual entry, database lookup, NFC reading)
- Secure SSL encryption and controlled access with app-user credentials
- Background auto-sync with auto-next-scan for instant recording and validation
- Licensed white label version or free rebranding with custom views, history, lookup, contact and help content.
- Kiosk mode for unattended use
- Flexible barcode scanning (front/rear camera, resize decoding view, flash, optimization, targeting, preview and select).
- Broad scanning accessory support (Captuvo, Koamtac, LineaPro, Sonim, ecom, Opticon, Socket and more)
- Photo verification, pattern validation, custom in-app web content, and more
- Central Administration (create custom workflows, connect databases, authorize app-users)
- Service wizard (create workflows, data capture and collection methods, app-user prompts and views, connect remote servers and databases)
- Database management (import CSV, connect to external databases, manually add/edit, auto-fill, set status
- App-user management (create credentials, select limits, assign tasks, remove authorization)
- Bulk barcode generation and export (download or API)
- Scan record management (store, view, filter, search, share links, create templates, export and auto-insert to third party databases)
codeREADr - 条码及扫描NFC应用程序用于扫描门票,考勤跟踪,库存和资产跟踪,访客列表,访问控制,数据采集器和跟踪安全和维修工人。
- 验证扫描在线或离线(有效,无效的,无效的重复警报)
- 条件验证警报(最小/最大数,持续时间,时间/日期)
- 数据收集(表单域,多项选择,照片拍摄,二次扫描,有条件的工作流程)
- GPS跟踪(前台或后台)
- 控制捕获法(启用/禁用相机扫描,手动输入数据库查询,NFC读取)
- 安全SSL加密和应用,用户凭据受控访问
- 背景自动同步,支持自动下扫描即时记录和验证
- 授权贴牌版本或自由品牌重塑与自定义视图,历史,查找,联系和帮助的内容。
- Kiosk模式为无人值守的使用
- 灵活的条码扫描(前/后置摄像头,调整解码认为,闪存,优化,定位,预览和选择)。
- 广泛的扫描附件支持(Captuvo,Koamtac,LineaPro,的Sonim,ECOM,的Opticon,插座等)
- 图片验证,验证模式,自定义应用程序内的网页内容,以及更多
- 管理中心(创建自定义工作流,连接数据库,授权应用程序用户)
- 服务向导(创建工作流,数据采集和收集方法,应用程序,用户提示和意见,连接远程服务器和数据库)
- 数据库管理(进口CSV,连接到外部数据库,手动添加/编辑,自动填充,设置状态
- 应用 - 用户管理(创建凭据,请选择范围,分配任务,删除授权)
- 散装条码生成和出口(下载或API)
- 扫描记录管理(存储,查看,过滤,搜索,共享链接,创建模板,出口和自动插入到第三方数据库)

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 更新内容

- Kiosk Mode targets unattended self-scanning, hides all in-app functions except scanning.
- A/B Compare checks sequentially scanned barcodes, showing Valid on match and Invalid if not. Use for picking, packing and assembly.
- Improved in-app feature to determine What’s not done and Who’s not here.
- Added conditional validations to set min/max counts, duration, start/end periods and day ranges.
- Now supports Honeywell’s Dolphin Black 75e scanner.
- General improvements and minor bug fixes.

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 历史版本

  • codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    版本:1.5.22 高速下载
  • codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    版本:1.5.15 高速下载
  • codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    版本:1.5.9 高速下载
  • codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    版本:1.5.8 高速下载
  • codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    codeREADr – Commercial Scanner

    版本:1.5.7 高速下载

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 使用技巧

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 应用内最新内容

codeREADr – Commercial Scanner 信息

效率办公 其它
Android 4.0.3 以上
Google Play

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