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Welcome to SniffIt, Sniffers!
Cities on SniffIt:
- Winona, MN
- La Crosse, WI
- Duluth, MN
- Centerville, WI
- Fountain City, WI
Cities currently under development:
- Minneapolis, MN
- Rochester, MN
- Eau Claire, WI
- Mankato, MN
- St. Cloud, MN
What is SniffIt you may ask?
SniffIt is your very own location-based portal to all the specials, deals and events in your city. We cover a range of products and services, from food and drink specials, happy hours, events, retail and more! If you’re looking for something, just SniffIt!
Through the contributions of the SniffIt team, our users, and location owners we have sniffed out thousands of great specials, deals, and fun things to do in your city.
What makes SniffIt so useful? Simple, SniffIt gives each location owner their very own profile allowing them to take control of what they advertise to you!
There’s more! “SniffIt Deals” are our very own exclusive connection with our location partners. Creating a deal not only benefits the location but our users as well.
Our goal is to help you sniff out what is happening around you while saving you money. Genius right? Yeah, we have no idea why it took so long for this to exist too.
If you don’t see your favorite location on SniffIt don’t worry, find them in our directory and click the “request to be on SniffIt” button.
Are you sad, miserable, distraught, or even going mad because your city is not yet located on SniffIt? Coincidentally we enjoy reading (pleasant) emails, so feel free to take 8 seconds and send us one with your city on it. We’re always looking for more friends, so we will work with you to put your city on SniffIt.
PLEASE: Contribute to the SniffIt community by reporting inaccurate information by heading to the “more” tab and sending us an email.
Hugs and kisses,
The SniffIt team
Permissions Used:
INTERNET - To download the latest deals
READ_PHONE_STATE - Read-only access to the phone's current state
WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Used to cache vendor images
ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION - To determine where deals are in relation to you
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Android 2.2.x 以上



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