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South Indian Recipe

South Indian Recipe

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South Indian Recipe South Indian Recipe South Indian Recipe South Indian Recipe South Indian Recipe South Indian Recipe

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/************Version 1.1 ***************************/1. Classified dishes according to category.2. Added 50 more new dishes./***************************************/We, from Softcraft Systems have developed this app in an attempt to provide a perfect, easy to use and multi optional Recipe application, which will serve as a complete reference of the ingredients and the preparation procedures of several basic and special recipe of South Indian Type both for the beginners as well as experts. As for as the South Indian dishes are concerned, there is no “only way” we could make a dish. A dish can be made in several methods, depending on the region they belong to. Here we have provided only one way of making a dish.Features of the app are:1. Display of your favourite South Indian dishes with images.2. Low Calorie foods -South Indian type dishes with Oats 3. Natural Medical Recipes with traditional Karshaayam preparation.4. Option to bookmark your favourite recipe.5. Search your recipe.6. Choose your recipe Vegetarian or Non VegetarianThis is our first iPhone App. In the future versions of the application, more features and number of recipes will be upgraded.Thanks for your Support.www.softcraftsystems.com

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