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Rutracker Downloader

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Rutracker Downloader Rutracker Downloader Rutracker Downloader Rutracker Downloader Rutracker Downloader Rutracker Downloader

Rutracker Downloader 描述

Download music and movies quickly and easily

The program - bit torrent client, with additional search capabilities, and downloading content from the site rutracker.org and from others sites.
The goal of the program - to make handy and faster torrent client for Android.

! No speed limit for download

Functions of the program:
• "Pirate Search" - to search and download torrent files from sites: piratebay.org, www.mininova.org, isohunt.com
• Download of the content (inside torrent client)
+ Torrent Manager - to manage multiple downloading
+ Select files - you can choose which files to download, for example, if the torrent file is generated for several albums of music.
+ Program processes all torrent files (to push torrent file in file manager and program will start download).
• Manage of the space storage of disc. (inside file manager)
• WEB search of the content on site.
• RSS search of the content on site (only rutracker.org)
• View of the site map

The inside torrent client is started as a service and it does not demand program to be constantly active while loading.

Main Menu of the program:

• Preferences – search preferences, proxy, UPnP service, Local Service Discovery, NAT-PMP service
• File Manager – inside file manager. Allows to mage downloaded content right in the program.
• About program – window with info about program and contact information.
• Help – user manual
• Exit – exit from the program.

Requirements and restrictions:

• ОС Android version 2.2 and upper
• Fast Internet Connection.
• Disk space for content downloading.

Note: If you like program and you would like to use it without ads, please buy in Android Market Rutracker Downloader Donate. It is patch to remove Ads from Rutracker Dowloader and higher. Thanks in advance.

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Rutracker Downloader 更新内容


★ Added large file support FAT32(4GB), EXT2(16GB)

★ Optimized memory usage,

★ Optimized download speed,

★ Redesigned About screen>

★ Added FAQ and changed HELP>

★ Added Programs page

★ Added new device support

Rutracker Downloader 历史版本

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Rutracker Downloader 信息

Android 2.2.x 以上

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