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life.contacts beta

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life.contacts beta life.contacts beta life.contacts beta life.contacts beta life.contacts beta life.contacts beta

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life.contacts makes your communication fast, simple and pretty. The widget will show pictures of your most frequently used contacts right on your homescreen. And just tap a picture to get in touch.

The widget will learn how you communicate and select contacts based on that. This way you will always have your most relevant contacts in your widget.

Get online with life.contacts and get even more features:

- Facebook pictures -
If you don't have pictures of your contacts, life.contacts can do the job for you by getting pictures from Facebook and populate the widget.

- Notifications -
Get notified via e-mail about missed calls/SMS when away from the phone. Then pick up the conversation on any preferred media.

- Safeguard your data -
When using online mode your data is also securely stored on our servers. If anything happens to your phone of if you change phones, you can always get your widget back. Like an online backup.

Images quality: Retrieved Facebook pictures are 50x50 pixels and will be “fuzzy” when scaled up. For best image quality in our widgets and a better phone experience in general, add a picture in Google Contacts for your most used contacts.

Facebook sync issues: You must have a contact with a name that matches your friend’s name on Facebook for sync to work.

Contact ranking: Starred contacts get higher priority when we rank your calls and SMS’s.

This application is only availible in English.

About Sony Ericsson Beta applications: This is a new exciting app from Sony Ericsson. Tell us what you think and help us make it the best app ever. Since it’s a Beta version and we are still developing it, our customer service can’t offer you any support, though. The app is provided to you without warranty and we reserve us the right to close it down but that depends on your feedback of course. If you want us to continue, we will.

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Online mode disabled

New notification informing the user of the recommended switch to Top contacts application.


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Android 2.1.0 以上
Sony Mobile Communications

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