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Spirit Lights ghost detector

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Spirit Lights ghost detector Spirit Lights ghost detector Spirit Lights ghost detector Spirit Lights ghost detector

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From the creator of the popular "SV-1 SpiritVox" comes "Spirit Lights" Ghost detector and Spirit Communication device. A whole new way to monitor EMF fields and engage in 2 way conversations with the paranormal!
I created the Spirit Lights ghost detector to serve a few purposes. One is that hardware EMF sensors generally have a very small read out and it is not easy to read them when placed at a distance from a camera and also the more time an investigator is staring at the little LED's the less time he/she is observing their actual surroundings or other equipment. The display is so large and bright it can be seen from across the room or even in your peripheral vision!
Second is to fill the need for a way for spirits and entities to provide more detailed answers to your questions.
The app consist of 6 color screens in this order: White-Yellow-Blue-Green-Orange-Red, Each color corresponds to a 20% increase or decrease in the EMF field near the device. White= baseline, Red = 100% etc.
The idea is that not only can you be visually alerted to changes in the EMF but you can use this to get answers to questions. ie: "Are you a male or female? make it red for male, blue for female" "Make the light turn green if you want us to leave" etc. the possibilities are endless and totally up to you.
This is not meant to be just another EMF detector, it's meant to help in investigations by being easily seen, it's meant to get BETTER answers to your questions.
Here are some basic instructions and recommendations for using the Spirit Lights App.
IMPORTANT: Before launching the app go to your settings and put your device into “Airplane Mode” also make sure your wifi and bluetooth is OFF. This will disable all wireless signals reducing any interference with the sensor readings.
Place the phone in a stable position on a table, shelf etc. Start the app then press your devices “Menu” button and click “Set Base” then click “OK”
The Spirit Light is now running! The phones screen should be solid white. The screen will flash white-yellow-blue-green-orange-red with any increase/decrease in the EMF field in the area.
Each color represents a 20% increase / decrease in EMF readings.
Follow on Twitter: @Spiritvox1 and visit the blog at spiritvox.bigbeardaudio.com
Feel free to email me with any questions, I am easy to get a hold of and respond to ALL emails!
I hope you enjoy Spirit Lights and it helps you in your quest!
-My apps are created with the philosophy that we are in a new age, with whole new technologies available to us for research. I am not trying to merely mimic hardware devices, I am trying to improve on those ideas and create whole new ways to get answers to the most important questions! I stand behind my apps 100% and use them myself in investigations.
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此版本中的新功能:Version 2, Removed screen lock feature as it was not needed.
NEW WEB SERIES FT. SpiritVox apps! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIx318ju7_4

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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