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Meet Me!(Beta版)

Meet Me!(Beta版)

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Meet Me!(Beta版) Meet Me!(Beta版) Meet Me!(Beta版) Meet Me!(Beta版) Meet Me!(Beta版) Meet Me!(Beta版)

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MeetMe! is the Speed Chatting app for Android that will introduce you peopleMeetMe is the ideal application to meet people. The ultimate Speed Chating Tool. Connect with people around the world, chat and decide whether to continue hearing after chat across networks social and use the power of the network. When deciding if we meet someone or not the aspect of the other represents the 80% of our decision. The age and location
of the people make up 10% and 8% major interests. The remaining 2% will depend on your ability to connect with the person.
With MeetMe! you can determine the initial 98% in a few seconds at that meeting the right people in a short time becomes an extremely easy task. With the different buttons accelerate the interaction and determine if you are interested or not. With MeetMe! you can define the basic information you want to show (all are optional):
- Photo
- What you need: boys / girls
- What are you, boy / girl
- Name: Britney, Sweetie19, John, AureoMaximo ...
- Age: 23, 45, More than 30, Young ...
- Location:
Barcelone, New York, USA, Europe ...
- Battle Cry: "Dancer - Adventurer - Looking for Climbing Partners - MeetMe!", "Engineer - Funny - Sports - MeetMe!", "Disk Jockey - Party Man - Night Bird - MeetMe!" - Facebook: www.facebook.com / my_profile (optional)
- Twitter: @ MyTwitter (optional)
- LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com / my_profile (optional)
- Mail: my@mail.com (optional)
- Messages: All I want to say to connect to the other person.
Support us to make the task of meeting new people and break the ice extremely simple and fast. - Meet people from around the world. Ready!
- Meet people near you. Soon!
- Meet people within your wwifi. Very soon!

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Android 1.0 以上

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