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Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy

Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy

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Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy Paleo Festival Nyon Buddy

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Get all information about Paleo Festival Nyon! Program, Map, News, etc.
My Paléo Buddy by Swisscom
The best days of the year are approaching - the open-air music festival season. Swisscom is supporting the big Swiss openair festivals and offers you the Open Air Buddy to accompany you to the festivals. The Open Air Buddy keeps festival visitors up to date not just while the festivals are going on. It is a source of information about the festivals long before and even longer after they take place. The Open Air Buddy helps you to find your way around the festival area, even if you are not on the festival site. The following features make this app a "must have" for all music festival fans:
Program: shows you all the bands, stages and times they are playing with lots of additional information about the singer/band/DJs.
Concert Reminder: you can set the reminder to get a push notification 15 minutes before the concert starts. On the map you can see where to get food & drinks, where you can find the stages, party tents, toilets, first-aid facilities, and so on. If you are on the festival site, you can set/mark your own favourite place so you can always find your way back to your tent or car.
Info: all general information about the festival such as where to sleep, sponsors, media, information about camping rules, how to get to the festival, ticketing, catering, and more.
News: you can find news about the festivals and see what is being twittered about your favourite festival. There is also a breaking news section which allows festival visitors to be informed in good time by push notification if a concert is cancelled.
Photos: take your own pictures! You can send them and, after being reviewed, they will appear in the User Gallery. We will also put up a gallery of official pictures from the festival.

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Android 2.1.x 以上

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