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超过 3 亿人已经加入了 Tagged ,一个结识新朋友的主流社交网络。结识朋友、眉来眼去、坠入爱河——Tagged 一场随时为您举行的派对!
- 面对面 Meet Me 让您看到派对现场的每一个人。浏览照片,说是或否。两人都说是即配对成功!
- 在 Tagged 上与其他人通过发送消息聊天。用贴纸和礼物给对话增添甜蜜。
- 在宠物游戏中结识更多人,这个社交游戏吸引力十足,玩家为其他玩家竞争,为的是胜人一筹。
- 发布、评论或只是倾听 - Tagged 的中心动态就好比是数百万人之间的一场实时对话。
- 每天都给朋友们发出免费爱心。通过排行榜记录您的爱心状态。
- 升级至 VIP 身份,了解谁看过您的档案,了解对方是否已阅读您发出的消息。
- 对人群进行过滤,根据性别、年龄和地点进行浏览。
- 免费加入,免费使用!
每一个人都受到邀请加入这场派对。结识在您附近或者来自地球上每一个角落的人。Tagged 是为所有国籍、所有背景的成年人设计的。
Tagged 的隐私政策位于:http://www.tagged.com/terms_of_service.html?#privacy_policy
Over 300 million people are already on Tagged, the best social network for meeting new people. It's not just a online dating app - make friends, chat, flirt, or go on a date. Find people nearby or from every corner of the globe.
• Filter and Search for people to browse by location, gender, age, nationality and more.
• Meet new people quickly through Meet Me, it's a dating game.
• Browse and chat with girls and guys near you.
• Meet more people in Pets, the popular social game where players compete to collect other players.
• Chat with girls through messaging.
• Send free Luv to friends daily. Keep track of your Luv status with rankings.
• Upgrade to VIP status to find out who’s viewed your profile and to see if messages you’ve sent have been read.
• Find girls nearby using Browse
• Date guys from around the world with our open network
• Free to join, free to use!
Everyone is invited to the party. Date people near you or from every corner of the globe. Tagged is for all adults, all nationalities, and all backgrounds.
Come for friendship, dating, or fun. Make it your nightclub, your speed dating, your coffee house, your favorite lunch spot—everyone’s invited to Tagged and the possibilities are endless. Whether you're straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, there is someone for you on Tagged.
Please note: We take your privacy very seriously. Your exact location and personal information will never be given without your permission. YOU decide if, when, and how you want to connect.
Tagged's Privacy Policy is located at: http://www.tagged.com/terms_of_service.html?#privacy_policy

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Now meet new people even faster.
Chat and flirt easier with this update.
We're matching people better.

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Android 4.1.x 以上
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